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77th Cannes Film Festival: Momonì brings inclusivity to the Montée des Marches with the leading actors of the box office hit film "Un p’tit truc en plus" by Artus.

The brand created a custom dress for actress Marie Colin, a star on the Festival's red carpet, and dressed Céline Groussard, the highlight of the after-party.

Article by Marco Lorè

For Momonì, style is increasingly a matter of inclusivity and respect for diversity.

This is why the brand accompanies some of the protagonists of the film "Un p’tit truc en plus" by Artus, which has become a sensation in France, onto the Cannes Festival red carpet.

This groundbreaking film features a cast of wonderful actors, most of whom have disabilities, and the Italian brand was the first to choose to dress them, responding to the director's call and receiving social media praise – "standing Ovation pour Momonì" – directly on Artus's account page.

It is no coincidence that Momonì, always attentive to the social side of fashion, has chosen to support the powerful message conveyed by a comedy that does not hesitate to equate disability with normality.

From its first week of screening in France, the film has broken all box office records.

“We have always created collections for everyone without any limitations: we see diversity as a richness that we are proud to dress in our recognizable and, always, inclusive style,” stated Michela Klinz, the creative director and co-founder of the brand.

With this philosophy in mind, Momonì created the gown that Marie Colin will wear on the evening of May 22nd on the Montée des Marches for the official presentation of the film during the Cannes Festival.

This long and sculptural custom-made dress is crafted in white cotton with a shaped bodice and wide pleats in the skirt, featuring broad straps.

For Céline Groussard, the brand chose to highlight iconic and continuous pieces from Momonì, a look consisting of a wide, airy cream-colored gauze shirt with short sleeves and a strict cut, paired with soft black pleated trousers.


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