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"Andromeda Revelation", Pomandère Autumn-Winter 24/25 Collection.

Pomandère opens the doors to the infinite with the AW24-25, a collection inspired by the majesty of Andromeda, a constellation and galaxy visible to the naked eye, symbolizing beauty, courage, and redemption in Greek mythology.

The new creation by Pomandère, signed by the creative director Carlo Zanuso, stands out for its craftsmanship and sustainable awareness, embodying a journey through the starry sky.

The AW24-25 by Pomandère comes to life from the multiple souls of Andromeda, revealing contrasts of shapes, textures, and tones inspired by the magic of the astronomical world.

Elements from the astronomical world harmoniously blend, giving life to three major thematic groups based on distinct yet complementary fabrics in their joint presentation.

The Moon: The materiality of the lunar surface, with its craters of lights and shadows, emerges in crepe de chine silk and smooth viscose velvet, enriched by dip-dyeing for an irregular effect and an exclusive spot pattern.

The Constellations: Elements of light shine in viscose satin and golden shimmering lurex viscose voile, also applied in a padded parka.

Cracked-effect glossy vinyl completes the theme, telling stories lived over time.

Luminous Trails: The third theme translates into knitwear with mohair jacquard yarn and irregular designs of spotted wool, providing a visual impact and a comforting touch.

The collection presents a color palette inspired by lunar landscapes and constellations, ranging from warm tones such as butter, powder, ochre, and gold to cooler shades of khaki, gray, midnight blue, and lilac.

The expertly blended shades give life to a chromatic range that evokes the entire celestial spectrum.

In line with Pomandère's philosophy, sustainability is at the core of the AW24-25 collection.

All fabrics composed of sustainable and recycled yarns are highlighted, produced by certified suppliers guaranteeing high quality and craftsmanship.

Knitwear embraces sustainable fashion with natural dye on organic yarns, derived from eco-friendly pigments.

The dyeing phase preserves unique characteristics, using low temperatures for minimal energy impact and reduced water consumption.

The three eco-friendly colors chosen for this collection are the yellow from the lavender plant, lilac from the Sanguinaria Canadensis root, and charcoal obtained from campfire wood.

The variety of fabrics ranges from flannels to two-tone jacquard weave in cotton-viscose-wool, from honey-colored bull denim to délavé charcoal.

Buttoned crêpe gauze in warm wool blend with a special appearance brings jackets and pants to life.

The collection offers a wide range of outerwear, from rich double cloth to melange bouclé, from two-tone buttoned to macro chevron weave.

The lamb-wool blend is used for the more casual and warm part in a series of cabans, with an even more special version in visually striking spotted fabric with a warm and enveloping feel.

Mohair, Pomandère's iconic yarn, takes center stage in knitwear with a variety of weights and styles.

Characterized by lightness and romanticism, it is presented in various forms: a light openwork stitch, a medium weight blend with extra-fine merino wool, and a net-effect knit, light yet enveloping.

The continuous mohair yarn is refreshed with melange colors and a special jacquard variant.

The collection also includes a precious yarn for oversized and androgynous pieces, such as the shaved wool and cashmere knit, a masculine part in extra-fine merino wool with felted effect in English rib, and finally, the braided stitch proposed in a bouclé yarn of wool, organic cotton, and alpaca, with a Nordic and warm appearance.

Pomandère AW24-25 is an ode to the infinite, a journey through the fashion cosmos that blends style and awareness.

Andromeda reveals its eternal beauty in every detail of the collection, confirming Pomandère's craftsmanship excellence in the contemporary fashion landscape.

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