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Angelina Mango for Atelier VM.

On the occasion of 74th Edition of the Sanremo Italian Song Festival, the famous Italian singer ANGELINA MANGO wore jewelry by Atelier VM.

The famous and talented Italian singer ANGELINA MANGO wore the wonderful jewelry by Atelier VM during her singing performance at the 74th Sanremo Italian Song Festival.

The Milan Necklace series:

A precious 18kt yellow gold choker that takes shape on the body.

The Milan necklace is suitable for wearing on multiple occasions.

The diamond chain completes an elegant and refined style, perfect for showing off every day.

New York Ring:

Elegant and bold, this 9kt yellow gold ring can be worn on both the phalanx and the finger. It is handcrafted using the lost wax casting technique.

Jolly Ring (burgundy enamel):

A lucky ring, like a joker in a deck of cards.

Hand-enamelled 9kt gold wedding ring, embellishes the fingers with a colored light.

Goddess Ring:

You can look with new eyes at your fingers on which the gold adapts, to take shape.

9kt gold ring that illuminates gestures.

Fedina Ring:

Wearing multiple rings in one hand brightens gestures.

The classic Atelier VM ring in 18kt yellow gold was born from the idea of ​​an essential ring holder.

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