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"Digital Elegance", Anteprima F/W 2024-2025.

Anteprima presents a collection that redefines the boundaries between the real and the digital, celebrating innovation, creativity, and elegance in an increasingly complex and unconventional world.

Photo by Giorgio Marcias

"The world is unpredictable and changes every day.

We are moving away from certainties.

This has inspired the concept of 'digital elegance,' a punk, bold, energetic, and at the same time intellectual style.

In this digital era, I still believe that fashion has the power to influence people, feelings, thoughts, and actions.

I will continue to create the collection to empower women for their contemporary lives," explains Izumi Ogino, Creative Director of Anteprima.

Photos by Giorgio Marcias

Craftsmanship and technology intertwine in the new Anteprima FW 24-25 collection, presenting two distinct yet complementary realities.

Modern aesthetics that reflect the beauty of the digital era, which has revolutionized the way we interact with the surrounding world, offering new opportunities for artistic expression and reflection on the relationship between design and technology.

"The encounter between craftsmanship and technology is something I have always believed in and is the key element of ANTEPRIMA, which has always been expressed in our signature bag, the Wirebag.

Innovative material versus handmade craftsmanship.

The contrast between the Row Rough material and the sparkling Precious material is striking and is something I love about this collection," emphasizes Izumi Ogino.

Photos by Giorgio Marcias

A design that stimulates all the senses, encouraging experimentation and fusion between modern technology and aesthetics by combining the edginess of cyberpunk aesthetics from the 2000s with the sophistication of high fashion.

The digital wave permeating the collection is expressed in digitally distorted patterns, fluid lines, and textures that stimulate the senses through layered fabrics, the result of synergy between creativity and technology.

Photos by Giorgio Marcias

The digital-style floral graphics and pixels suggest a surreal atmosphere that becomes the highlight of the FW24 season, reflecting the distortion of AI technology and suggesting visual illusions that challenge perception between the real and the digital.

From 2D to 3D and vice versa: these features are used to enhance key elements into interactive, captivating, and playful pieces.

Bold glamour through glossy liquid finishes with a wet look such as metallic film, soft mirror effect, irregular square sequins, translucent shiny silver, and acrylic sheen.

A dress with sculpted shoulders and a narrow hem, characterized by a structure in knitted metallic nylon on one side and compact viscose on the other.

Photos by Giorgio Marcias

Digital Party: the ensemble features a knitted fur design made with a blend of metallic polyester and nylon sparkles, characterized by a long coat reaching the hips with metallic thread accents.

Accompanied by a matching detachable hooded mini dress made of silver mesh.

The oversized double-faced wool coat, embracing a gender-inclusive silhouette, is elegantly paired with Venice wide-leg PU pants.

Tailored knitted shorts adorned with chains add a touch of boldness and glamour to the collection.

Color takes center stage and merges the creative vivacity of artificial intelligence with softer, otherworldly elements: from technology-influenced pastels like mint and powder, to vibrant aquatic technological tones like wisteria, amethyst, magenta, and yellow, to navy blue, gray, and khaki.

An immersive video designed by the WOW studio during the Fashion Show will transported viewers into the digital world with the same colors and emotions as the live runway, creating a unique sensory experience.

Photos by Giorgio Marcias

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