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Loco One Brand: interview with Christian Barrera Huerta.

Interview with the founder and designer of LOCO ONE.

Christian Barrera Huerta, Founder and Designer of LOCO ONE was born in Mexico City and currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

He is influenced by urban concepts, futuristic themes, social movements, art and Avant-garde fashion.

From his abstract painting and Architecture background emerges a tremendous passion for clothing design. Art and design have always been present since a young age. His love for shapes, lines and colors, inspires him to create pieces where you can feel and see the imperfection of how our time is in flux.

At the age of 38 decides to finally go after his dream, making use of one of his favorite quotes "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER" in doing something that you love.

Motivated through his vision, relying on his easy learning skills and obsessive personality, he started to take some sewing classes, to make a reality that was once only an idea.


His Avant-Garde style makes use of geometric, asymmetric, abstract lines to release ideas from this repressed world, playing with the roughness of our reality and the beauty of what our planet gives us.

He takes advantage of natural materials, fibers and innovative textiles for the creation of his stunning pieces.

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