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London Fashion Week A/W 2023-2024: University of Salford new fashion designers.

Among the thirteen collections we offer you a selection of what was presented at the latest edition of LFW A/W 2023-2024.

Photo by Chris Instinct

This season the University of Salford presented collections from thirteen MA graduate designers at their London Fashion Week runway show held at Phonica Records in Soho.

Photos by Chris Instinct

Spanning themes of body modification, the queer rave scene, and the history of the Femme Fatale - The University of Salford showcased a roster of fresh designers expressing cultural and political issues through innovative design.

Photos by Chris Instinct

The show attracted a large crowd, with influential names in fashion such as Chris Lavish from Fashion Week Online, and the TikToker Jaadiee, among others.

Photos by Chris Instinct

The thirteen magnificent new fashion designers are: Patrick Garstang , Beth Rothwell ,

Luke Clarke, Anna Salad, Daria Austin, Anna Li, Debbie Babalola, Millie Renshaw,

Jade Williams, Rebecca Hearne, Jessica Whittingham, Ryan Greenwood, Mark Buendia.

Photos by Chris Instinct

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