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London Fashion Week A/W 2023-2024: Untitlab new collection.

The performance explored the emotional vibrations of human presence.

Untitlab was founded in Shanghai in 2019 through the creative partnership of Art Director Tian Cai and Creative Director Sans.

The contemporary footwear and accessory label is currently dual-sited between Shanghai and the recent addition of a London HQ.

The brand vision is founded on genderless footwear available across a full range of sizes, creating product lines which allow the customer to express themselves entirely, without the constraints of expectation or defined gender norms.

Photos by Chris Instinct

This season for their debut onto the London Fashion Week schedule, Untitlab presented a performance driven live presentation directed by Nicolas Tian Cai.

“Introspection” by Nicolas Tian Cai with music composed by Oscar B. Morgan, presented an intermittent mix of performances over a two-hour period.

Performed by Dahc Demur VIII, Lewis Walker, Zhou Chen, Butterfly Princess, and Todd Lamming.

The performance explored the emotional vibrations of human presence in a specific crypt through body movement, vocal experimentation, and ambient music with strong bass effects combined with industrial and natural environmental samples to form a contemporary and introspective landscape of presence.

Photos by Chris Instinct

Since their debut at Shanghai Fashion Week, Untitlab have utilised the platform of the brand to make a statement about tolerance, individual freedom and diversity – something setting them apart from other brands within their domestic market.

Their campaigns and collections are strongly rooted in moving storytelling which speaks to the emotion and human aspects of acceptance and non-conformity in society.

Photos by Chris Instinct

Untitlab is available in over 30 retailer partners across the globe alongside their international e-commerce platform including Browns, Net-a-Porter, and Labelhood amongst others.

As 1% For The Planet members, Untitlab takes sustainable development as a fundamental aspect of the business adhering to and ever developing further their commitment to lowest-impact practices.

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