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Mastering the look: elegant minimalism.

Minimalism is broadly explained about simple living, where you only own things you truly cherish and need to get by each day.

Minimalism is a term that describes a lifestyle, where you only own and use things that serve a purpose in your daily life.

So what does that mean in relation to clothing? What is minimalist fashion?

Minimalist fashion basically means only having clothes in your wardrobe that feel right for you and makes you happy.

If you’ve ever heard about Marie Kondo, you’re already getting the concept. Minimalist fashion is about getting rid of all the items that no longer bring you joy and the stuff you don’t wear.

A minimalist wardrobe is small since it only contains pieces you actually need. That might sound scary, but I promise it will make your life easier on so many levels. But more on that later.

Less is more when it comes to minimalism style. If you want something easy to remember minimalist fashion by just remember that simplicity is key when it comes to this style.


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