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Momonì and Zafferano together on the occasion of Design Week 2024.

The poetry of living in the home takes center stage in the partnership that involves two Italian excellences during Design Week 2024.

The shared creative vision is encapsulated in a mise en place and in the iconic customized Poldina Zafferano by Momonì.

From the skilled dialogue between experimentation and aesthetics arises the partnership between Momonì and Zafferano, merging fashion and design into unique furnishing objects characterized by poetry and innovation.

An eclectic mix that, during the Milan Furniture Fair, takes the form of an elegant and sophisticated home design that interprets the common values of both entities, materializing their vision into a daily life filled with objects and sensations as well as beauty and harmony.

The mise en place becomes the ideal center of the collaboration, literally "setting the table" for a new idea of conviviality, translating it into unique pieces where Momonì's sophisticated grace meets Zafferano's original creativity.

In the table set for the Milanese event – located within the Momonì boutique at Corso Como 3 and the Zafferano store at Via Fatebenefratelli 23 – the iconic Poldina lamp will stand out, the portable and rechargeable lamp offered in different sizes with a lampshade customized by a metal cover printed with the distinctive patterns of the Momonì brand.

Three different Liberty-inspired prints, interpreted in a wild key and featuring soft hues, will also adorn the ceramic plates, crafted in Italy, and the napkins, perfect for creating a refined atmosphere.

A table where the allure of the fashion world merges with the versatility of contemporary design, offering an immersive experience in the lifestyle of the brands.

"Zafferano's expertise in the world of home design has made it the ideal partner to diversify our business, accompanying its debut in a sector perfect for embracing and interpreting our DNA," stated Michela Klinz, Creative Director of Momonì.

"Both of us have roots in the Veneto region and share a history of creativity built around values of authenticity and heritage projected into the future, which guarantee high-quality products distinguished by their design content and craftsmanship."

A celebration of aesthetic influences found in the shared heritage of two excellences close in geographical origin and vision, capable of reinterpreting the world of living with joy and vibrancy, creating objects suited to the versatility of contemporary interiors.

"Our inclination to grasp and elaborate stimuli from different worlds has found the perfect complement in Momonì and in the shared creative approach translated into an exclusive proposal that embodies elegance, style, and functionality," added Federico de Majo, founder and president of Zafferano.

"This partnership has allowed us to showcase both the preview of our new customization service for the metal covers of our portable lamps, which will debut soon, and our Italian-made ceramics."

"Momonì Loves Zafferano" is an authentic and engaging narrative born from the continuity of a style where fashion and design create a unique blend, where the essence of the most sought-after and recognizable preciousness makes a difference both in dressing and in home living.


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