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OpéraSport presented the fall winter 2023 collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

OpéraSPORT founders Stephanie Gundelach and Awa Malina Stelter have found inspiration in the beauty of the artworld.

The main inspiration for this collection is based on the artwork by the British artist Tom Anholt, who is known for his figurative style. Looking through his work, Stephanie and Awa felt specially drawn towards 6 paintings, which generated the creative direction for this collection: ”The paintings by Tom Anholt immediately inspired us.

The colours, the silhouettes, the prints that we have used for this edition are all inspired from the universe of these paintings” Stephanie and Awa states.

Influenced by the everyday life of both Copenhagen and Paris, the collection has been designed with sporty practicality and feminine elegance in mind; to create pieces to be worn often and eventually passed down to future generations.

For 7 styles, a collaboration with Tom Anholt has been made, where his paintings have been cast directly on to the collection as print.

The colour palette consisting of purple, blue, black, grey and beige nuances reflect the sophisticated expression of the collection.

Styles from earlier editions have been upcycled and remade into unique showpieces, embellished with gems inspired by the starry night sky from Tom Anholt’s paintings.

The showpieces will be for sale at OpéraSPORT’s website in August, in order to minimize waste.

24 looks has been presented at the show.

As the collection takes inspiration from the world of art, the show has been hosted in one of the most remarkable architectural art spaces, Den Frie, in Copenhagen Ø.

With their big open spaces and beautiful light incidence, the aesthetic expression gave life to the collection when art meets sporty and chic.

For wholesale enquiries, please contact: For press enquiries (EU and US), please contact: For press enquiries (Denmark), please contact:


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