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Polina Erofeeva secrets.

Let's find out all the famous fashion influencer's secrets on how to best prepare (and enjoy) for the fashion weeks.

Photo by Marco Lorè

For me FW starts long before the dates are announced because it requires time.

1. Formation of a common schedule, schedule of shows, dinners from brands and other events. Realizing my workload, I supplement the schedule with other activities - visiting showrooms, getting to know and collaborate with other bloggers, museums and exhibitions.

The schedule during fashion week is very busy, there is no free time, except for sleeping.

2. Understanding my workload and the format of events, I meet my stylist and we discuss the outfits. FW is a place for bright experiments. We choose flamboyant, but practical and adaptable outfits for the events together with the stylist. Outfits are made up to the smallest detail, including accessories. After creating outfits, we discuss make-up and hairstyle together with the team, so that everything is matchy.

Photos by Marco Lorè

3. I am always happy to cooperate with interesting brands. As a rule it is clothing, beauty and accessories brands, hotels and restaurants. I carefully consider all offers, integrate their product into my life, bringing its value to my followers.

4. Pre-FW shopping. There is always a large list of what you need to buy. Whether it's cosmetics, vitamins, tights or sometimes even a new coat. Even though I go out in open outfits, I take care about my health especially in the winter.

Photos by Marco Lorè

5. I like always to look beautiful and I am a follower of a healthy lifestyle. Regular strength trainings and cardio workouts help to be fit. Barre and stretching classes energize and motivate me. Before FW, I never miss a workout and I control my diet even more carefully.

6. As I said earlier, the schedule during fashion week is very busy. This is a vivid event as well as a tiring event. But you get tired with a pleasant aftertaste. Therefore, I allow myself to rest two or three days before the departure and do my favorite procedures. I definitely go for a massage, attend a cosmetologist, a nail master and a hairdresser to relax and make myself a little more beautiful.

7. The final call with the team, hugs with the children, mood for something exciting and interesting, packing clothes and going to the Fashion point. Wish me luck and follow me on my Instagram page @poliero.polina

Photos by Marco Lorè



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