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"Puzzle", Kimhēkim Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection.

Here is “Puzzle”, the eleventh chapter of our OBSESSION series: Designer Kiminte’s obsession towards aesthetics.

Article and photos by Marco Lorè

Since 2021, KIMHĒKIM has continued the ‘OBSESSION’ Series, which focuses on a single element each season to obsessively and meticulously study and experiment with.

Since then, the subject of KIMHEKIM’s obsession has ranged from roses, canvases, bows, hair, denim, pearls, knots and stripes.

Designer Kiminte reinterprets each of these elements with his signature flair and elegance.

They are infused with entirely new ideas, and each concept is transformed into an artistic endeavour uniquely KIMHEKIM.

Here is “Puzzle”, the eleventh chapter of our OBSESSION series: Designer Kiminte’s obsession towards aesthetics.

This collection celebrates the art of upcycling vintage pieces, breathing new life into them with a modern twist.

Inspired by the early days of creative director Kiminte’s time in Paris, where vintage treasures were discovered in every corner, KIMHĒKIM’s design team embarked on a journey through Seoul’s vintage markets, hunting for hidden gems to reimagine in their atelier.

Each piece was approached like a puzzle, experimented with elements scavenged from the past and brought together in fresh combinations.

Signature details like pearl tear-drop sunglasses, ribbon shoes, and hair accessories are seamlessly integrated into the unexpected ensemble.

Especially for this season, KIMHĒKIM unveiled a line of leather goods, crafted in collaboration with artisans of Seoul’s Bag Research Institute, who prioritize durability and structure in their craftsmanship.

Drawing inspiration from the Tetris Game enjoyed during the creative director’s childhood, the Heart Bag, Carré Bag, and Dot Bag stand as playful manifestations of nostalgia.

Additionally, a special emphasis was placed on inclusivity, men’s version of the beloved pieces & new customized ASICS collaboration sneakers complete the collection.

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