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"Cinema's Chorus", The New Alchètipo collection.

 It is a mutable aesthetic project of enrichments that gives life to genderless seasonless capsules; a conscious choice by the designer Andrea Alchieri to emphasise the character of his personal project.

The aesthetic project ALCHÈTIPO was born from the union of two distinct but complementary elements: “Alchemy” and “Alchieri”.

This name evokes a unique essence, an identity that fuses the ancient art of alchemy with the modern vision of fashion.

“Alchemy” represents the process of transformation and creation, while “Alchieri” brings with it Italian tradition and elegance.

It was born with the intention of paying homage to Italian tailoring combined with deconstructivist aesthetics, not as a concept, but as a method, imploding constructs from within, and retaining only a few structural elements that will be used to construct new configurations of meaning.

The project expresses itself with an androgynous aesthetic giving a whole new vision of living life in freedom, to really feel ourselves, even when wearing non-coding clothing.

It embraces an irreverent approach to dressing up by offering a new perspective on tailoring.

Cinema's Chorus revolves around the concept of magic.

The seduction to the esoteric note is transferred to the cut, corsetry, splints protagonists on deconstructed blazer lapels, up to hair and makeup between grotesque and eccentric, which defined the storytelling of the project.

Angular lines, layered shapes and modernised tailoring fabrics marry perfectly with the all-over digital prints that dominate the designs, made even richer and more curious by collaborations with print designers.

The iconic element, which has become Andrea Alchieri's calling card and banner, is the suit blazer.

Imperishable and timeless, like the aesthetic that ALCHÈTIPO aims to convey, the blazer persists in each of its collection designs, acquiring a new face and a different stylistic connotation each time.

Designer ANDREA ALCHIERI was born in Milan and since childhood has had a strong passion for the world of painting and creative design handed down to him from his family's DNA, which passed on to him a dedication to art and beauty in all its forms.

He has always been fascinated by how a collection can evoke different emotions or moods in the eyes of others, and that it can be identified as a communicative medium related above all to everyday life lived on a daily basis.

He identifies himself as a crazy designer, with a taste for imperfection, a contaminated and apparently confusing fashion, in which all his passions and obsessions, including in particular his fantastic tales and melancholic settings, are clearly visible.

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