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"Secret Beauty", Momonì F/W 2024-2025.

The ready-to-wear brand, guest of the Shenzen Milan Lifestyle Week, consolidates its presence in Asia.

Momonì, the prêt-à-porter brand of the NYKY group founded in 2008 in Treviso by Alessandro Biasotto and Michela Klinz, has initiated the consolidation of its international position in Asia.

The brand participated in the prestigious Shenzen Milan Lifestyle Week in China with a Fashion Show at the Eachway Art and Fashion Museum.

Momonì had the opportunity to present the FW 2024-2025 collection, "Secret Beauty," a concentration of discreet beauty and essential elegance that will showcase the textures and silhouettes of garments rich in chromatic tones and decorations inspired by the orient.

This fashion show represented a crucial moment for the NYKY group's brand, which was able to test the brand's perception in China and fully understand its potential in this rapidly evolving market.

Up until now, Momonì has explored this market through its wholesale partner, Magazzin Group, in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Participation in the fashion show and the dedicated showroom space in Shenzen were valuable opportunities to share Momonì's vision and distinctive style with international buyers, journalists, and industry professionals, with the aim of establishing new partnerships to reach a wider audience and develop a stronger retail presence.

"The decision to participate in the fashion show was made to strengthen our ties with the Asian market and understand how to approach it in the near future," states Alessandro Biasotto. "China represents an important market and an opportunity for our brand.

However, we remain committed to investing in our main markets, which are Italy, France, and Spain."

As of today, Momonì has 18 flagship stores in Italy, Spain, and France, along with 43 shop-in-shop locations and a presence in 570 worldwide stores.

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