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Surkana becoming more sustainable with its FW 2023-2024 collection.

Sustainable, natural, and recycled: these are the characteristic keys of the fabrics in Surkana's new FW 23-24 collection.

For its FW 2023-2024 collection, Surkana has chosen to use certified sustainable textures, including recycled polyester, Ecovero viscose, bamboo viscose, and natural wool.

These materials enable the brand to create vibrant and colorful designs in line with current trends and their distinctive energy.

Recycled polyester, made from recycled materials like PET, is the standout fabric for the winter season.

It is used to create versatile outerwear such as short and midi jackets, stretchy pants of varying lengths, soft skirts, colorful sweaters, and versatile dresses, all adorned with graphic patterns and available in a vitamin-rich palette.

Give space to Ecovero viscose, obtained from certified renewable sources and sustainable production processes, to add femininity even in the coldest weather.

Soft, light, and breathable, it is the texture that signs blouses and shirts as well as dresses and skirts with a snug and elegant fit, but always conscious.

And still viscose, but this time derived from bamboo fiber, even more silky and soft, chosen for its characteristics of comfort on the skin and breathability to create women's wardrobe essentials - shirts, t-shirts, and sweaters - in the name of color.

In the colder season, natural wool is a must-have fabric that is pleasant to the touch and comfortable due to its inherent characteristics.

It is produced without the use of harmful chemicals, making it even more valuable.

A carousel of coats, sweaters, pants, and vests allows you to express the richness of its materiality.

Surkana's green vision, which has characterized the brand since its debut, has become an increasingly fundamental driver of innovation and growth, capturing the interest of the entire supply chain with the goal of making it sustainable in every aspect.

The SURKANA brand was founded in 2002, and the journey and experiences that derive from it have always been the sources of inspiration for its collections.

What matters is not the destination, but the experience lived during the journey because Surkana is a fashion brand that goes beyond fashion itself.

The brand's identity is represented by people who live, experience, and observe the real world around them.

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