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Taipei Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024-2025 Opening Show.

Taipei Fashion Week AW24 makes a grand entrance with the theme "Fully Equipped, Ready to Go," showcasing the fusion of fashion and athleticism.

As Paris is set to host the Olympics this summer, after a century, this sporting event also serves as a beacon of the most refined sports fashion aesthetics worldwide.

This season, TFW’s opening showcase is taking place at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, and embraces this coming moment of international unification through sports and fashion, dubbing it the “Cultural Olympiad.”

Taipei Fashion Week’s opening showcase revolved around this idea of the “Cultural Olympiad.” The backstage dressing room, symbolising the athletes' transformation and preparation, is brought to life on the runway.

This metamorphosis becomes the genesis of the show, symbolising the transformation from being fully equipped to stepping onto the world stage.

Leading Taiwanese fashion brands such as C JEAN, JAMIE WEI HUANG, JUST IN XX, PCES, Story Wear, and SYZYGY present their latest collections, harmoniously bringing together sports fashion with haute couture.

Each brand offers a unique interpretation of sportswear in anticipation for the upcoming summer Olympics.

Taiwanese cultural minister, Shih Che, remarks, “The fearless spirit of athletes embodies Taiwan's resilience, showcasing a diverse and liberating aesthetic in design and fashion."

This season at TPFW, designers are celebrating fashion and athleticism combined, creating a diplomatic and creative platform for international dialogue.

Designer Jian Junyuan integrates elements of Olympic sports, ancient gladiators, and classical mythology into clothing.

To showcase the sustainable spirit of the Olympics, recycled materials such as oyster ropes collected in Taiwan and zippers and buttons made from PET were produced in collaboration with Taiwanese textile company Formosa Taffeta.

Collaborating with NASA, C JEAN reinterprets satellite images of Parisian landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Palais, as clothing patterns to signify the grandeur of the upcoming Olympic locations.

This collection was worn by Basketball Player Wang Zheyu on the runway.

Jamie Wei Huang is inspired by traditional craftsmanship, combining innovative tailoring and detailed design to highlight the artistry of the clothing.

Inspired by her passion for surfing, a sport represented by the Chinese Taipei team at the Olympics, Huang Wei has integrated flat weave fabrics, embellished with understated Olympic colors and surfing elements.

Fabrics for Jamie Wei Huang were produced in collaboration with Far Eastern Group.

This collection was worn by surfer Fu Boshun on the runway.

Designer Zhou Yuwing has been inspired by the motto, "Taiwan Dreams, Taiwan Strength.”

Based on the original colours of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee's emblem, the designs are divided into four major themes: "Mountain," "Sea," "City," and "Plains," which are transformed into garment patterns and prints.

As a tribute to the Paris olympics’ grandeur, Yuwing has translated artist Jiang Xian-Er’s work ‘Taiwan Mountains’ into fabric prints.

This collection was also created in collaboration with graphic designer Lin GuoQing and banana silk craftsman Yan Yu-Ying.

This collection was worn by Karate Athlete Wen Ziyun on the runway.

Designers Li Yuqi, Chang Zhihong, and Bruno Chung draw inspiration from the central themes of the 2024 Paris Olympics—embracing inclusivity, positivity, and a rich heritage.

From the graceful waves of surfing to the rugged terrain of rock climbing, each piece tells a story of athleticism and innovation.

They meticulously weave sustainable functional fabrics into their creations, integrating the historical and cultural narratives of four key sports (surfing, rock climbing, breaking, and skateboarding).

This collection was worn by Weightlifter Fang Guanling, Basketball Player Jiang Jun, Skateboarder Lan Yuanzhi on the runway.

Designer Chen Guanbai champions zero waste design, pioneering Taiwan's sustainable fashion movement.

Through a blend of functional fabrics and classic silhouettes, the designs transcend conventional notions of athletic wear, embracing individuality and selfexpression.

Each piece is a testament to the power of fashion to ignite change and foster unity in a turbulent world.

This collection was worn by Taekwondo Athletes Luo Jialing, Su Boya, Xu Haoyu, Fencing Athlete Chang Jingtong, Skateboarder Chen Junan on the runway.


The collection, rooted in the ethos of rock climbing, blends the bold hues of the team's colours with cutting-edge 3D visual flash fabrics.

By incorporating recycled materials and innovative design techniques, each garment embodies the ethos of sustainable fashion, offering versatility and environmental consciousness.

This collection symbolises the boundless potential of sports and the dreams they inspire.

This collection was worn by Shooter Wu Jiaying, Taekwondo Athlete Liu Shijun, Fencing Athlete Zhong Kunwei, Chen Zhijie, Climber Li Hongying on the runway.

The opening show welcomed numerous sporting figures to showcase Taiwan's athletic and fashion prowess.

From athletes to coaches across diverse disciplines, these figures showcased the nation's enduring resilience and innovative fashion aesthetics.

This opening spectacle sets the stage for a season of Taiwanese designers and athletes alike, being seen by the world.

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