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Tangier, a cosmopolitan and vibrant city, is gearing up to host the Tangier Fashion Week for a promising inaugural edition.

After the resounding success of previous editions in Marrakech, the Maroc Fashion Week is moving to Tangier, the pearl of the north, from May 29 to June 2, 2024.

Article by Marco Lorè

This new edition promises to be a true ode to Moroccan talent, highlighting the splendor of craftsmanship and fashion from both the south and north of Morocco.

The Tangier Fashion Week 2024 promises a series of exciting events, including sewing workshops led by master artisans, sumptuous gala evenings, breathtaking fashion shows featuring collections from Moroccan and international designers, and conferences conducted by experts in fashion and design.

Tangier Fashion Week aims to place Morocco on the global fashion map, while building cultural and economic bridges with iconic European cities like Milan, Paris, and London. Tangier, as a geographical crossroads, offers a platform for fruitful dialogue and innovative partnerships.

The White City aspires to become a link between cultures and a hub of creative innovation.

Steeped in a history rich with cultural exchanges, Tangier embodies a welcoming charm that attracts visitors from all over the world.

This initiative aims to establish Tangier and its region as pioneers in the expansion of cultural tourism and fashion in Morocco.

At the heart of this approach is a steadfast commitment to responsible, sustainable, and ethical fashion, showcasing local craftsmanship and natural resources with respect and awareness.

The Silk Road and Al-Andalus Association embodies this cultural fusion and forward-looking vision.

Going beyond the mere promotion of fashion, it supports an introspective approach, focusing on contemporary challenges such as sustainability, the preservation of craftsmanship, and the judicious use of resources.

The association invites everyone to rethink their relationship with fashion and the planet.

By integrating an ecological dimension, it ensures that the fashion that emerges is as aesthetically pleasing as it is ethically impeccable.

Tangier Fashion Week is more than a fleeting event: it is a manifesto for a thoughtful and responsible approach to fashion.

And Tangier, with its cultural diversity and strategic geographical position, is proving to be the ideal epicenter for this revolution.

The association is committed to redefining fashion by making it inclusive, eclectic, and conscious.

Its uniqueness lies in its ability to blend cultures, showcase young talents, and promote a mindful fashion ethic.

Through its various initiatives around the world, such as the Oriental Fashion Show and the Morocco Fashion Week, it demonstrates a sensitivity to the cultural nuances that characterize the fashion industry.

Thanks to its determination and targeted actions, the association has elevated Morocco to the status of a pioneering player on the global fashion scene.

The brands that will showcase their collections are:

  • Vivienne Westwood (Iconic collection)

  • Farah Bouhout (Morocco)

  • Hindi Mahdi (France)

  • Lamia Laghzaoui (Morocco)

  • Gowher (Turkmenistan)

  • Mouna Benmakhlouf (Brand up - Morocco)

  • Veronica Pozzi (Italian brand based in Morocco)

  • Lamia Lakhsassi (Kaftan - Morocco)

  • Renata (Kaftan - Morocco)

  • Romuald Bertrand (France)

  • Hanan Oukdim (Morocco)

  • Amina Benzekri (Kaftan)


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