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Ultimate Trendy Magazine Blog.

Welcome to Ultimate Trendy Magazine!


Ultimate Trendy Magazine is a print on demand magazine, an online mag and a blog dedicated to new trends in fashion, art and culture.

A multicultural journey into the universe of new art and fashion: haute couture, prêt-à-porter, runways, fashion, beauty, and glamor photoshootings, interviews, reels, and videos

Do you wanna publish for us?


►Send at least 9-11 photos

►300dpi, 11inches x 8,5inches | 11inches x 17inches


►No Watermarks

►A file text with all the credits and Instagram accounts

►Reels and videos have to be horizontal in MP4 format and HD

►Send your work with WeTransfer or Dropbox to this e-mail:


via KAVYAR for cover and main editorial opportunity!

Create Relevant Content

What are our guidelines?

Creativity, desire to dare, contemporaneity, new techniques, good taste and either bright colors or bold black and white.

Send photos with these characteristics in the following genres: fashion, lingerie, swimsuit / beachwear, beauty, alternative fashion, glamor, haute couture, runways.

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