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"All the Women" new SS24 collection by Martino Midali.

On the catwalk and in every day life: the brand's femininity is a story of inclusion that goes beyond fashion and against prejudices.

A woman.

One hundred, one thousand women.


All different and all real, capable of direct the story of contemporary femininity signed by Martino Midali.

A pointed creative path to the exploration of a free, revolutionary and coherent aesthetic with those values ​​of inclusiveness and expression of himself beyond the stereotypes that made the designer - and his brand - the champion of democratic and versatile fashion.

Interpreters of the SS24 collection on the catwalk of Palazzo Isimbardi, next to the models, six ordinary women confirming, once again, Midali's style.

A happy vision that continues, far from approval, designed for a physicality that is never the same and, for this reason, increasingly authentic in expressing itself freely his essence and living it with what he wears.

It is the freedom to be oneself that guides Martino Midali's hand in outlining a proposal that, like a story, accompanies those who choose it thanks to stylistic codes built on the person and respectful of wearability perfect from which comfort is never separated.

The star of the collection is the pleat that welcomes stress of the brand by successfully experimenting with everyday life.

The texture, in fact, breaks the mold and becomes the favorite material for sophisticated but practical dailywear, versatile and unrelated to the concept of occasion.

Green light for soft dresses, which play with sleeves, with overlaps, with lengths; next to them agile jumpsuits, a key wardrobe item, and the two-piece suits, fast and transversal, with their carousel of blouses all different and often completed with a hood.

The passion for outerwear, long and enveloping, meets with that for the stripes - of trousers, of wide blazers, of oversized jackets - while there is room for the new

with untied bermuda shorts with a casual mood - which leaves traces in the model with patch pockets - to define a more elegant side, with the complicity of the silk shantung and the matching long jacket.

Minimal aesthetics,cult of overlapping, oblique cuts and deconstructed silhouettes - but with a soul - are accompanied by one palettes of milky white, brown, coral red, blue and acid green for an immersion in the world of Martino Midali, completed by the Princess Bag, the iconic golden bag of the brand.

“Suggesting a taste, a philosophy, without imposing canons: a fashion for all women, for all ages, for all sizes”: the same one chosen by the women who took to the catwalk to represent Martino Midali's beliefs and who in their diversity are united by his style.

Starting from the unforgettable Susanna Messaggio and Roberta Termali, so famous Italian anchorwomen; together with assistant CEO Barbara Lancini, the biologist Laura Ciardelli, the human resource manager Isabella Giacchino and Elisabetta Negri

d'Oleggio, interior architect.

Ideally accompanying them was the voice of the multifaceted Sardinian artist Ambra Pintore, capable of giving words and sounds to diversity, going beyond prejudices, in the name of freedom, always the same, to be, to do, to live.

To also wear what you want, as he reiterates in his song "Sa este", a manifesto of fighting against clichés in which the very heart of Martino Midali's signature is found, beyond fashion, beyond style, in the very heart of femininity.

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