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Anteprima Presents The Special Wirebag Dedicated To Snoopy and Woodstock

The brand presents an exclusive collaboration featuring the famous characters of Peanuts.

The special ANTEPRIMA x SNOOPY™ capsule collection, already available in Italy, consists of the renowned models of ANTEPRIMA's STANDARD WIREBAG and STANDARD MINIATURE WIREBAG, along with practical pouches and adorable bag charms, all adorned with the beloved figures of Snoopy and Woodstock.

The collection has been crafted with extreme attention to detail and design, combining ANTEPRIMA's iconic knitting technique with the iconic image of Snoopy and Woodstock. Each accessory tells a playful and cheerful story, transforming every day into a fascinating adventure of refined eccentricity.

Furthermore, by purchasing a STANDARD or STANDARD MINIATURE bag from the SNOOPY and WOODSTOCK collection, you can receive a complimentary eco bag featuring Snoopy motif, perfect for both shopping and leisure time.

ANTEPRIMA x SNOOPY™ is available at the ANTEPRIMA boutiques in Milan and Rome, as well as on the maison's e-commerce website


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