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D.A.T.E. grows and acquires a stake in the new sneaker brand Santha.

The goal is to implement its production and distribution platform. New collaborations, market expansion, and the launch of the e-commerce site are planned.

D.A.T.E., the Florentine sneaker brand, has invested in the newly established brand Santha with the aim of supporting its growth both in production and distribution.

The operation involves D.A.T.E. producing and marketing Santha's collections to amplify its brand awareness and accompany its expansion, both online and offline, in markets worldwide.

The creative and commercial direction will be left in the hands of the founders to preserve the brand's recognizable identity.

Santha was born from the vision of Danilo Paura, a designer who, together with creative Manolo Clementi and the collaboration of Marco Raparo, created a spin-off within his own eponymous brand.

The project aims to focus on the community of consumers who resonate with Santha's DNA, where the fusion of different cultures translates into contemporary designs that honor traditions.

"Implementing the production and distribution platform of Santha, accompanying the brand's existing collaborations and developing new ones, is the goal of this operation, which stems primarily from a shared set of values. The passion for sneakers and the approach to design, as well as the reinterpretation of heritage in a contemporary way, characterize our shared vision," said Tommaso Santoni, CEO of D.A.T.E.

The entry of D.A.T.E. into Santha will provide the brand with a solid structure that will support new special projects and limited editions.

Currently, in addition to the collaboration with the Paura brand, the debut of Santha 1 x LC23, a version created specifically by creative Leo Colacicco, is scheduled for January. In 2024, the launch of the new Santha 2 model is also planned.

All of this will be supported by a selective distribution strategy aimed at reaching the top 100 retail points in Italy and worldwide, including Europe, Korea, and the USA.

The brand will also expand its sales channels with the upcoming launch of an e-commerce platform.

Additionally, apart from the Milan Showroom Sept, a new collaboration with a significant Parisian showroom is set to be finalized in the first months of 2024. Furthermore, in the coming seasons, other partnerships will be established for the Asian and American markets.

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