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"Dreamscape", Genny F/W 2024-2025.

The Genny fall/winter collection, designed by Sara Cavazza Facchini travels on a journey through an enchanted natural world, where beauty arouses a desire to return to a harmonious connection with nature.

The collection evokes the feminine personality, using the symbology of color and a harmonic play of forms, texture and materials with a couture touch.

Soft pampas grass, dreamscape scenarios, orchids, symbols of the Maison that this season is inspired by the natural and delicate style of Georgia O’Keeffe.

White, seemingly a non-color, shades into tones of jade and powder pink, then meets the passion of red, giving life to the collection’s emblematic color: an intense pink that encompasses both power and delicacy and a wine red that evokes the night. Prints inspired by sea turtles.

The delicacy of chiffon and organza, offered in tops and light blouses, combines with the full potential of form in marvelous tailored Cocoon coats with wide sleeves, enveloping the figure to offer warmth, protection and sensuality.

Knits create a “fur effect” with woven wools to evoke the real thing.

The mini-sequins on the evening dresses and shimmering embroidery work contrast with studs and crystals.

Trousers are loose, nude jersey knits are matched with jackets that have a drape to accentuate the waistline.

Stocking boots, Mary Jane necklines and sparkling sandals define this dreamlike silhouette.

A puffy version of the iconic Fortune bag and jewel bags with a rhinestone motif are offered for evening wear.

With this collection, Sara Cavazza Facchini celebrates women in all the many facets of their femininity: delicate and romantic, strong and ambitious, dreamy and tenacious, these women use the wonder, silence, and poetry of nature to regain their inner balance.

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