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“Female Gaze”, Jiminlee F/W 2024-2025.

The collection focusing on basic items such as shirts and denim.

Lee aims to simultaneously express women's desires and the beauty of the men's body through daily items.

In the course of her research for ‘FEMALE GAZE 24FW’, Lee depicts the nude male body to express and visualize female desire.

Her hand drawings develop into fabric and inform her silhouette.

Large, unexpected cuts in men's clothing expose parts of the man's body.

Lee explores his newfound freedom through work that evokes admiration and respect for the naked male form.

The collection presents basic items that appropriately mix textiles and cut-out tailoring that originated from life drawing, and a collection inspired by JIMINLEE's signature textiles.

JIMINLEE presents a design that visually expresses “expression of desire and desire” through the cut-line silhouette of basic items.

Using plastic, beads, crystal, and silver materials, the fashion designer presents designs that visually express “expression of desire and desire” and “beauty of the body.”

Lee explores newly discovered freedoms through work that inspires admiration for the naked male form.

It talks about the exploration of sexuality, the expression of desire, the pursuit of free expression, and the perception of beauty.

At the same time, the JIMINLEE brand is to develop a design that can satisfy each individual's desire for expression and expressive desire to stand out more.

What sets JIMINLEE apart is its design that is faithful to the concept pursued by the brand, and presents a design that is like a piece of work hanging in an art gallery.

A brand that focuses on erotic concepts and original design.

Strengths include self-developed hand drawing and beading textiles High quality cutout tailoring.

It provides visual freshness, a new vision of gender boundaries, and freedom of expression when two contrasting feelings of delicate textiles and masculine tailoring meet.

The collection is developed with the theme of expression of desire seen through the vision of women.

Ji Min Lee is a menswear designer from South Korea.

She is interested in eroticism, sexuality and the naked human form.

Hand drawing is where her work begins and how she expresses what she sees and how she feels, revealing her imagination.

She grew up in a sexually conservative Korea, and her experience of studying abroad in the UK and the US, where realized new values.

“I want to express a woman’s desire through exploring male bodies and how I see them. I come from a conservative Korean culture where a women’s sexual desire is taboo and perceived as abnormal. " says Ji Min Lee "A woman’s sexual identity is hidden and secret.

However, since moving to New York I have become very interested in the subject of sex and desire.

I took a life drawing class where I was able to study the male form and I began to feel the possibility of breaking free from the repressed sexual culture I have always known.

I don’t want to hide myself or my sexual desires anymore.”

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