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Gianluca Saitto SS24.

The new Spring|Summer 2024 collection is all about lightness and movement, drawing inspiration from the famous painting La Primavera by Sandro Botticelli, and specifically from the figure of Zephyrus.

In Greek and Latin, "spiritus" has a double meaning of "wind" and "spirit", an expression to affirm the autonomy of man's spiritual faculties.

A research in which aesthetics feed and coexist with an ethical dimension.

The collection plays on one hand with floral prints reimagined in an abstract way, and on the other hand with the fluid shapes of dresses and suits in intense pink, acid yellow, wisteria, and even embroidered couture dresses with cascades of petals and sequins.

The abstract representation of Zephyrus, visualized as an old bearded man blowing the wind of baroque memory, becomes the protagonist of the print that characterizes light dresses and over suits.

All looks are paired with ethereal and flowing fabrics like cotton voile.

There is also a lush floral world, always developed in an abstract way, expanding to long and knee-length dresses, jackets (both over and cropped), and trousers in printed jersey and laminated silk.

A meticulous search for precious fabrics and details (finishes and buttons in plexiglass) that define the aesthetics of the collection.

To this collection is added the rock touch of the metallic piercing element, which becomes a decorative motif or a structural element to break and connect the bodice to the dress.

The rich and lively color range (with candy pinks and yellows) extends into the evening with the glow and shimmer of spring brought to life by sequins spread over long and midi dresses invaded by sparkling petals.

Exclusive haute couture pieces in organza studded with sequins designed for special occasions.

Not only an explosion of colors, but also dresses and shorts in white geometric fil coupé and total black outfits (skirt and pants) between jacquard, lace, and unusual materials like net.

A play of contrasts between the floral world and geometric details, the designer's signature, as well as between opposing over shapes and more structured ones.

A mix between sophisticated daywear and couture creations where tailoring traditions and embroidery are valued from a contemporary perspective.

Born in 1984, Gianluca Saitto studied Architecture and Fashion Design at the University of Florence.

Encouraged by his friend and special godmother, the former supermodel Benedetta Barzini, he opened his atelier in 2009 in Brera, which is the iconic district for arts and symbol of elegance in Milan.

Since his beginning the designer sets the goal to (re)focusing on the rituals, times and peculiarities of Fashion from the very start, scrupulously adhering to the dictates of the best Italian sartorial tradition and making embroidery, through his own patterns and motifs, the distinctive feature of his sophisticated and timeless style.

Geometric cuts and shapes, constructions with a sculptural côté and the typical solutions of haute couture, a measured yet powerful sensuality with openings, necklines and see-through effects: these are the cornerstones of the Gianluco Saitto collections.

The designer celebrates the idea of a refined femininity, that is a must have for the brand, working on a bodycon silhouette slipped volumes and ethereal, almost liquid textures, so as to enhance the physicality and character of his glam rock woman.

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