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Happy birthday, Alberto!

Italian pianist, composer, and educator, Alberto Luppi Musso, has performed exclusively for U.T.M., and we dedicate to him this article as a birthday gift.

Photo by Marco Lorè

Not only fashion will be featured in our international magazine.

Culture, art, music, and cinema are among the various topics that we will explore in our "trendy" revue.

And we begin our artistic and cultural journey with a luminary in the Italian and international artistic scene: Alberto Luppi Musso, a pianist, composer, and educator.

Photo by Marco Lorè

Alberto Luppi Musso was born on May 8th 1974 in Genoa, Italy, and he has maternal roots in Mantua, where his passion for piano was transmitted to him through the work of Chopin and Rachmaninov.

Today, he is considered one of the most innovative educator in the Italian piano and composition scene.

He has devised a teaching method where the music revolves around the student, rather than the other way around, allowing the student to learn by stimulating their interest without ever being judged, and having fun.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Luppi Musso is a true alchemist who teaches each of his "Luppini" (a nickname he gives to his students) every single musical subject, extracting the highest potential from each student.

This is the fundamental point of the theory applied by the Maestro.

For him, teaching is a mission, dedicating many hours to his students, even in specific academic subjects such as history, geography, and literature.

He collaborates on cultural projects with various universities and academies in Italy.

In addition to being a master and composer, he has four albums and singles to his credit, derived from projects he has been working on for years, such as the revisitation of his "Schiaccianoci" or "Le quattro stagioni" ("Crossing seasons").

He dedicates himself intensely to his first musical, inspired by the figure of Saint Francis with the lyrics by performer Paolo Barillari and extraordinary musicians such as Luigi Schiavone, Stefania Schiavone, Fabrizio Palermo, and Marco Orsi.

In his upcoming events, he will also present the music composed for classical work:

from his "Violin Concerto" to "Magnificat" for piano and choir (Luppini's choir), directed by Eliana Rogai, which is included in a specific musical project where the keywords are integration and inclusion, because every child has the right to study music.

Additionally, he presents concerts composed for his students, young and very talented, such as Lucrezia Ferrara, Miriam Joyce, Riccardo Micangeli, and Aylin Mazza.

Lucrezia Ferrara and Miriam Joyce are achieving international great success with their singles on Spotify, as well as having several concerts under their belt.

The love that the Maestro has for his art is evident in the photos taken by Italian photographer and our editor-in-chief Marco Lorè.

Many professionals in the music scene recognize in him the flair of Petrucciani and the technique of Jarrett, a combination that makes the Italian musician unique.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Alberto Luppi Musso explain to us his unconventional teaching method or "his unconventional piano", as he likes to call it:

"As an eight years old child, my introduction to music was rather traumatic.

The strict solfeggio and few piano lessons certainly gave me the impression that music resembled a monster with terrible jaws.

After this encounter, over thirty years ago I developed a teaching method considered "an unconventional one" for academics, where the student is at the center of the project and the study is approached step by step, like in a true art workshop, achieving unthinkable results.

I'm proud to have brought my students to important levels in music and school, and today they have became reference points for younger students.

Seriousness is combined with spontaneity and passion to the point of becoming in love with the instrument.

These successes have now reached the United States, becoming a scholastic model that aligns with the "unconventional" method, leading to an article dedicated to my work and projects that have young students at its core.

This summer, two more of my beloved students, whom I endearingly call "Luppini," will make their debut in the music scene.

The eighty-eight keys become an artistic journey where discover classical, jazz and rock music.

Another important point of my method is also inclusion, because everyone has the right to study and grow in music.

In this article, we present an emotional, vibrant, varied and energetic performance by Maestro Alberto Luppi Musso where music, images, effects and different sensations merge into a single art.


Videomaker Marco Lorè | Editing Silvia Iacomoni

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