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Interview with the famous actress, supermodel, makeup artist and businesswoman Charis Michelsen.

The famous actress and supermodel talks about her career, Hollywood glamour, and A.I.

Photo by Daniel Weber

First part of the interview with the beautiful actress, top model, makeup artist and businesswoman Charis Michelsen.

The full version is available in our new December volume.

All the photos were taken by photographer Daniel Weber and for the occasion she wore a wonderful dress by Brides for a cause! and fantastic high heels by Jimmy Choo.

Photo by Daniel Weber

Charis, first, congratulations on being named “Most promising & Admirable Beauty Expert of The Year 2022,” by CIO Today Magazine!

This year has been a great one for you! Besides this honor, you’ve also been deemed the new face of the industry by L’amour Magazine, Vigour Magazine, and Roidx Magazine; qualified as a beauty and fashion icon by Edith Mode Magazine and Pump Magazine; the "Martha Stewart of makeup" by Entrepreneurs Herald Magazine; a "Rising Star" by VoyageLA; and a beauty and fashion superstar by Dolce Magazine.

You were also named one of the "Top 30 Most Inspiring Women to Look Out for in 2022" by Disruptor’s Magazine, "One of the 10 Most Empowering Women to Watch Out for in 2022" and leader of the year by Tycoon Success Magazine, "One of the Top 30 Personalities Disrupting the Fashion Industry in 2022" by The NYC Journal, and one of "The 10 Most Empowering Women CEOs Making a Difference, 2022" by Success Pitchers Magazine.

Thank you so much. It’s definitely been an amazing year. I’m so very grateful for all the kind honors.

Photo by Daniel Weber

You’re also ranked number five out of the world’s top makeup artists, have been asked to be an official beauty expert and contributing beauty editor for EGW Magazine, a premier destination for the modern professional woman, which you were the international cover model for fall 2022, and have been named one of the “World’s Most Valuable Brands in 2023” by World’s Leaders Magazine.

It’s definitely been a good year!

How did you transition from being an actress in award-winning movies, directed by legends such as Martin Scorsese, and acting alongside the biggest stars in Hollywood like Robert Downey Jr., Michael Douglas, Nicolas Cage, Katie Holmes, Tobey Maguire, and Radha Mitchell to being a beauty and fashion superstar?

I revisited my original love for the arts and gained my professional makeup artist certification while still acting professionally.

I had originally moved from a small country town in Oregon to New York City at eighteen to pursue my dream of becoming a fashion designer by studying at the world’s top design school, Parsons School of Design/The New School.

I loved watching makeup artists do their magic on set, and equated it to painting, which inspired me to try my hand at it.

Photo by Daniel Weber

And your professional modeling career led to a professional acting career, where you acted in several amazing movies.

Which were your favorite?

High Art, Wonder Boys, and Martin Scorsese’s Bringing Out the Dead.

Each was an amazing experience that I’ll cherish forever.

You’ve also invented a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind fashion and beauty artificial intelligence (AI) personal stylist, correct?


My AI Stylist offers better personal styling than what celebrity stylists offer without making them obsolete.

After creating my Universal Beauty Standard System™, I was inspired to use it to create an algorithm to match individuals to their personally ideal beauty and fashion products and style them.

My goal with my AI Stylist is to answer the question, "What should I wear?" for everyone without dictating personal style to anyone.

The Stylist will also be helpful to vendors, as product returns should be reduced, as the products sold through the Stylist should be ideal for customers.

And professional fashion stylist jobs will be made easier and more foolproof thanks to the Pro feature my AI Stylist includes.

Photo by Daniel Weber

Where can people go to use the AI Stylist?

It’ll be housed on Fashion Style Beauty Network, a multi-faceted online platform that’s coming soon.

Fashion Style Beauty Network will also include a curated list of the best fashion, beauty, and style resources and eventually content.

You’re always so glamorous! Do you mind sharing with our readers how they can inject some of your natural Hollywood glamour into their holiday season?

I love looking polished! And a great place to start with looking your best is with having well-manicured nails.

Christine Reed (@christinereedla), one of the most sought after medical aestheticians/cosmetologists in her field, who services celebrity and international VIP clients, and has worked in affiliation with five-star hotels such as The Bel Air Hotel, Château Mormont, and Le ‘Ermitage does my nails, and they always look gorgeous! Christine is amazingly talented.

Everyone should take the time to maintain great looking nails, especially during the holidays when there are so many opportunities to get-together with family and others at special events.

Also, for the most elegant event gowns, check out the best kept secret in fashion: Brides For a Cause! All dresses I’m wearing are from Brides For a Cause (@brides_for_a_cause,!

Brides For a Cause collects only the most gorgeous special event dresses and donates the proceeds from its sales to women’s charities.

All shops are reservation only, so call ahead to “reserve a room.”

While you’re looking your holiday best, enjoy getting to your seasonal events in the most fashionable and responsible way possible by being chauffeured.

I love Prestige Limousines of Portland (, who offer top, personal service, and are my choice for limousines while in Portland, Oregon (close to my small hometown).

And while you’re out, enjoy the best your town has to offer.

Take in a show, such as I enjoy doing at the historical and classy Mt. Hood theatre in Gresham, Oregon (@mthoodtheatre,

Say hi to Nancy, Michael, or Nathan while you’re there.

Or meet with friends to chat at a top hotel in your local area, such as the regal Heathman Hotel of Portland (@heathmanportland, that offers a quiet and luxurious library for meetings.

We’re thrilled about all you’ve done and are working on!

Thank you, Charis, for taking the time to talk with us.

It’s been my pleasure.

Thank you for the great interview.

Photos by Daniel Weber


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