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Milan Fashion Week SS23: Ferrari new collection.

Compared to the first two outings, Ferrari's SS23 collection relied less on logomania and more on silhouettes and pure materials.

Ferrari maison has limited the references to the real automotive world with the double presence on the catwalk of the racing suits of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc whose silhouette has been transformed into further overalls that immediately recall the world of Formula 1 which, especially after the success of the latest Netflix documentaries, creative director Rocco Iannone defines as "a media platform of great power and charisma".

Photos by Giorgio Marcias

The film medium, the Los Angeles setting and the dream dimension then bring the symbolic element of Los Angeles into the equation, a city that hides a double meaning for Iannone: on the one hand it is «a city that welcomes the cultural and visual mix of landscapes and situations» which thematically dominates the collection; on the other «it is the city that more than any other has made us dream, thanks to the film industry, and which has allowed Ferrari to become the icon it is.

Photos by Giorgio Marcias

Because Ferrari is an icon also thanks to cinema, the most powerful means of communication that still makes us desire and dream today».

Compared to previous seasons, the technological element is attenuated both in accordance with the thematic evolution of the collection and on the basis of Iannone's rigorous design philosophy.

Photos by Giorgio Marcias

More than the others, this is a collection that looks to the future and aims to make Ferrari fashion stand on its own feet.

After all, the operation is as promising as it is ambitious: considering the immense cultural capital of the brand, Ferrari fully represents the idea of ​​a cross-sectoral luxury.


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