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Philipp Plein Cruise 2025 Fashion Show in Cannes.

Magical Summer Night’s Dream: cocktail party & exclusive presentation of the new luxury Swiss-made time machine.

Article by Marco Lorè

Taking place in Cannes over the iconic Cannes Film Festival, at the magnificent mansion of Philipp Patrick Hannes Plein — La Jungle Du Roi — the Cruise 25 Collection’s introduction into Cannes society was nothing short of legendary.

Cruise captures the charm, liveliness, lightness, and carefree spirit of summer with a few glamorous and lavish touches, designed for an elite audience.

The soul of Cruise embodies the essence of the French Riviera through the unforgettable sunsets over the romantic city of Cannes.

A collection that becomes a hymn to the brand’s aesthetics and luxury, presenting new and iconic pieces in white and blue that effortlessly transition from extraordinary summer daywear to dramatic evening elegance, perfectly conveying the brand’s iconic extravagance.

Luxurious crystals accompany sensual silhouettes in an extraordinary display of splendor that epitomizes the luxurious nature of PHILIPP PLEIN.

The famous celebrity stylist and PR agent Dilya Abilova attended this unforgettable evening, showcasing a brilliant, sparkling, and luxurious fitted dresses.


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