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QinGhe cashmere for the first time at Milan fashion week.

Qinghe Cashmere presents the excellence of Chinese cashmere through the collections of the most innovative and promising brands from the Qinghe region: Hong Tai, Xin Hua and E-San.

Qinghe Cashmere, the association that brings together the most renowned manufacturing companies of cashmere in the Qinghe region of China, was proud to present the brands' exceptional collections Hong Tai, Xin Hua and E-San on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week 2023, in the wonderful location of Casa of the Atellani.

Hong Tai, Xin Hua and E-San, the most innovative and promising brands in cashmere production of high quality, with their collections represent artistic and creative excellence in the use of cashmere, reflecting Qinghe's philosophy which combines the purity of this valuable material with refined aesthetics and extraordinary comfort.

The Qinghe region, located in the southeast of Hebei Province, China, has always been recognized as the "Capital of cashmere".

The region boasts a cutting-edge industrial supply chain that excels in each of them

its phases, from the collection of raw cashmere, to penning, to spinning, to the production of garments clothing of the highest quality, and represents the processing and distribution center for cashmere largest in the country.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Culotte, bras, long skirts and oversized jackets with strong shapes challenge the nature of their own material giving freshness through a meticulous study of forms.

The medical treatment for the details and the craftsmanship that distinguishes Qinghe Cashmere, is reflected in clothing that they surprise with plays of transparency, innovaDvi patterns, bold cut-outs and adhesions, offering an experience of elegant sensuality.

A bold choice in the pale color characterized by vibrant colours, ranging from fuchsia to red, to blue and pastel tones such as canary yellow, pink, beige and aquamarine, recalling the scent of the months and making the collections even more original and elegant.

Hong Tai, Xin Hua and E-San share the fort commitment towards sustainability according to the Qinghe philosophy which has always promoted the use of

natural materials and attention and respect for the environment.

With these exceptional collections, Qinghe Cashmere not only elevates cashmere from a simple luxury fabric a true work of art, but also embodies a fusion of tradition and innovation that reflects the excellence of Chinese fashion.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Hong Tai – SS24 Avenue to see the heart

Hong Tai, with over 30 years of experience in cashmere production, promotes the “Cashmere Life”, which explores the unlimited possibilities and potential of this material. The Hong Tai SS24 collection challenges traditional conventions, bringing cashmere into the world of high fashion and art.

With cashmere fabric of high quality and also weaving and embroidery techniques, the collection reflects the rich texture of the aesthetic traditional oriental sublimating it with the modern one in a perfect harmony of shapes and colours.

The palette of bright colors blends with fluid and elegant lines, creating an inclusive design.

The collection is divided into three different product lines; the “Loto” series, characterized by a color palette that includes black and green dark and gold, takes up in its design elements the pattern of the lotus flower, symbol of auspiciousness and prosperity, enriching his garments with embroidery, beads and double-side jacquard. The “Bianca” series, with vertical weaving and horizontal and row of cashmere woven with silver threads which give the fabric a transparent and edgy effect elegant, it recalls images of rivers and cliffs.

Finally, red, the festive color par excellence oriental tradition, in the collection is emphasized by three-dimensional cutting techniques on the shirt which they enhance the minimalist shapes of the garments.

Xin Hua – SS24 Erya - Good thinking

The philosophy of the Xin Hua brand is reflected in the belief that cashmere is a gift from nature and products deriving from this valuable material represent the perpetual legacy of traditions.

Xin Hua, not only is it committed to ensuring the highest quality of cashmere in its products, but also in promote the culture of cashmere.

The brand combines contemporary aesthetics with modernity in its collections, culture of traditional Chinese cashmere manufacturing, with the aim of transmitting,

in the elegance of his garments, the passion and love for life.

The brand's SS24 collection is aimed at a demanding consumer, who recognizes the importance of love for life and for himself and who is capable of express one's inner authenticity.

E-San – SS24 Free-switch work & party

E-SAN stands out as one of the most innovative brands in the Qinghe region, reinterpreting in cashmere the oriental cultural tradition through a contemporary archaic perspective.

His creations yes they stand out for their clean design, the elegance of the shapes and an extraordinary quality of materials, with the aim of offering a luxury experience to contemporary elite women.

E-SAN embraces a sustainable approach, making use of natural materials that respect the environment, and promotes valorization of individuality.

The collection masterfully blends the contemporary use of cashmere with the tradition of knitting, offering a versatile sDle, suitable for both work and occasions social.

Bright red, bright pink, light blue and clean white are the vibrant color shades that

illuminate the collection of cashmere garments with crisp and smooth knits that offer warmth and comfort.

Reel edited by Menta Rose | Videomaker: Marco Lorè

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