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Sol Beauty Makeup by Malka Cohen's stunning creations fascinate New York City.

Dream headpieces worn by the famous American model Elizabeth Rush.

In volume 21 of our magazine dedicated to international fashion weeks, we presented, thanks to the eclectic photographer Karl M. Lee, the make-up artist Sol Beauty Makeup and these wonderful headpieces.

So, not only makeup artist, but also fashion hair stylist and designer.

All the creations are so impressive, bold, strong-willed and at the same time elegant, refined and very suggestive.

Not surprisingly, together with photographer Karl M. Lee , a lot of these masterpieces have been published in several international magazines and we also had the honor and pleasure of showing them to our readers.

In our editorial, supermodel Elizabeth Rush, from New York City's Fenton Models agency, wears two stunning headpieces with extreme elegance and magnificence.

In time of fashion week, these headpieces have to be a must.

Photos by Karl M.Lee


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