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Sustainable Elegance: Altremani And AmazonLife Revolutionize Summer Fashion With New Tie Sandals.

A combination of fashion and social responsibility, to walk together towards a more sustainable world without sacrificing style.

Article by Marco Lorè

A virtuous and circular journey between social responsibility and responsibility towards the environment and the earth.

The brands Altremani and AmazonLife combine their knowledge, their materials, and their craftsmanship to bring new ideas to life.

AmazonLife provides natural rubber from the Amazon rainforest.

Altremani creates, on a jute sole, with recycled fabric paired with rubber, a knot (tie) that makes them easy to wear.

The result is a very comfortable shoe with an exclusive design.

This is how the new "Cravattino" sandals are born, an original idea of summer footwear made by crossing rubber ribbons edged with reclaimed fabric on a jute sole, whose colors match the new version of summer jute bags with rubber shoulder straps.

In addition to the sandals, Altremani has incorporated rubber into the shoulder straps of jute bags and in other canvas models, creating coordinated accessories that combine aesthetics and practicality.

Finally, the necklaces made in the new Altremani workshop in Donoratico and finished in Sesto Fiorentino, with artisanal baking and coloring techniques, represent an exclusive novelty in a limited production.

These accessories, the result of meticulous craftsmanship, perfectly embody the brand's mission to combine elegance and sustainability.


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