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Taipei Fashion Week A/W 2023-2024 opened with “CrossLab".

A dialogue between traditional performance, craftsmanship and fashion runway show.

The opening show represented the DNA of what Taipei Fashion Week stands for—where fashion is more than being part of an economic system, and allows us to connect with our culture and history.

The show was held in front of Nankunshen Daitian Temple in Tainan, with 360 years of history, Nankunshen Daitian Temple represents local Taiwanese life, but also the most essential fashion elements in each crucial historical moment.

The core of contemporary Taiwan fashion is derived from traditional craft culture, making Nankunshen Daitian Temple the perfect backdrop to display collections that pay homage to the preservation of tradition in modern day.

Familiar fashion designers took part in this year’s show, resulting in a unique and brilliant look into the future of fashion.

BOB JIAN with Zhen Shou Temple Wu Jing Tang Folk Parade Club.

C JEAN collaborated with lacquer artist Ching-Shuang Wang.

GIOIA PAN with Taiwanese opera master Mei-Yun Tang.

JUST IN XX with traditional temple painter Wu-Nan Zhuang

Second part will be published on April the 6th 2023.

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