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"The Club", Elisabetta Franchi F/W 2024-2025.

The inspiration for the Fall-Winter 2024/25 collection stems from the timeless image of English college uniforms, which Elisabetta Franchi has reinterpreted with a tomboy aesthetic.

Photo by Marco Lorè

The uniform is narrated with a touch of transgression to express the unique personality of each woman, who recognizes herself within a community but without conforming.

Photos by Marco Lorè

The fusion of styles embodies the duality of a contemporary and liberated woman, who moves effortlessly between the silence of the library and the frenetic pace of parties, passionately embracing both the traditional charm of academic culture and the glamour of nightlife.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Pleated miniskirts, maxi cardigans, and pullovers worn as mini- dresses blend harmoniously in a game of layering with shirts, the true protagonists of the collection, and with jackets with a masculine cut, while long coats in tweed and tartan add an allure of refined sartoriality.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Emblems and coats of arms, intricately embroidered, evoke a sense of belonging to an exclusive club, whether academic or sports-related.

Tartan plays a central role in guiding the color palette, dominated by rouge noir, oxford, and steel gray, occasionally illuminated by a vibrant mimosa.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Elegant long dresses, delicately embroidered, glide over vintage- inspired sneakers and merge with cozy knit scarves, creating an irresistible mix of glamour and coziness. Footwear ranges from combat boots to mid-heel slingbacks, always to be paired with masculine socks.

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