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Ultimate Trendy Magazine Vol.24 Menswear is online!

Be ready for Menswear!

Fashion seen from a male point of view.

Fashion for men.

Refined and elegant men's fashion, but also sophisticated, sporty and with a punk soul.

Emporio Armani | Photo by Giorgio Marcias

Male photographers, stylists, and fashion designers, fashion made by men, but always seen and judged by the most attentive female gaze.

This new issue contains all of this and is particularly dedicated to the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2023.

Emporio Armani |Photo by Giorgio Marcias

In this issue: Emporio Armani backstage, Dolce & Gabbana fashion show, Jordan Luca men/womenswear backstage, Billionaire backstage, Family First fashion show, Simon Cracker men/womenswear fashion show, Federico Cina men/womenswear fashion show, and three editorial by Marco Lorè, Chris Instinct, and Giorgio Marcias.

Dolce & Gabbana | Photo by Mattia Melis

Enjoy the reading!


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