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Wittmann, Arthur Arbesser appointed Creative Council.

The internationally renowned designer Arthur Arbesser will take over the role of Creative Council at Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten.

Arthur Arbesser by Stefano Galuzzi

Influenced by the history and culture of Vienna, as well as his creative work in international fashion and interior design, Arbesser brings to the Austrian family business both – a comprehensive understanding of Wittmann's background and tradition as well as a feel for the future of the brand.

Alexander Sova, Wittmann CEO

Alice Wittmann

Communication and presentation of the existing collection as well as future models will be the focus of his work, as will the further development of Wittmann's colour and material world.

The Viennese-born designer can build on the successful work of the former Art Director Luca Nichetto like the multi-year design roadmap or the new branding of the company. Luca Nichetto remains closely associated with Wittmann as one of the company’s main designers.

»It is a great honour to join the team at Wittmann as a creative council. Working with the fascinating history and unique design portfolio of this traditional family business underlines my great passion for Viennese modernism and its translation into the contemporary. I see my role similar to that of a curator who continues to support Wittmann's chosen path of internationalisation, while never losing sight of its Austrian origins and tradition.«

Arthur Arbesser

»With Arthur Arbesser, we are fortunate to have someone at our side who shares our understanding of aesthetics and our dedication to quality.

As a family business, the person behind the creative mind is particularly important to us. Arthur Arbesser understands our roots and is a perfect addition to the team.«

Alice Wittmann

»Over the last two years Art Director Luca Nichetto has created a vital foundation for the reorientation of the company. Building on his successful work, we are now launching the next phase of Wittmann's development together with Arthur. Especially Arthur’s extensive expertise from his work in international fashion paired with his Viennese origin will bring new, exciting and valuable perspectives to the company.«

Alexander Sova

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