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Anteprima for Inkiostro Bianco, Featuring Kei Takemura.

The Gallery, the exhibition space inside Boutique Anteprima in Milan, at Corso Como 9, will host on Monday, April 15th at 5:00 PM, the live painting performance by contemporary artist Kei Takemura.

An innovative partnership born from the meeting between the Japanese artist and Izumi Ogino, creative director of ANTEPRIMA, inspired by Kei Takemura's iconic work "Playing Cards - Memories and stories overlaid on playing cards", an artwork that draws inspiration from the age-old tradition of playing cards, where the 4 suits of the cards are interpreted as symbols of society and human energy. For example, the Queen card symbolizes "women's empowerment" and the fundamental concept of "LOVE".

The cards will be the absolute protagonists of the live performance taking place during Milan Design Week, within which Kei Takemura will bring her vision born from "Playing Cards" onto a wallpaper specially created by Inkiostro Bianco, a true laboratory of visual and decorative research founded in Italy in 2013.

Kei Takemura's work has also inspired the SS24 collection of Anteprima "Game On!", capturing the joy and excitement of childhood, inviting us to rediscover the simple pleasures of play.

This has given rise to special editions of Wirebags and Knitwear, with a charm ranging from a unique color palette, to delicate femininity, to architectural sensibilities, expressing a multitude of personalities.

"As a passionate supporter of artists and designers who push boundaries and set the bar for high quality of life, I am proud that ANTEPRIMA is collaborating with some of the leading talents in art and design to provoke stimulating conversations," commented Izumi Ogino, Creative Director of ANTEPRIMA. "We will continue to provide a platform for artists to showcase their work."


Cocktail Party

Boutique Corso Como 9

Monday, April 15th

5pm - 7pm


Founded in 1993 by Izumi Ogino, stands out for its high standards of quality and beauty.

The collections, designed for modern and sophisticated women, embody elegance and creativity in every detail.

Izumi made her debut in the fashion world at Milano Moda Donna in 1998, captivating the audience with her contemporary and refined style.

ANTEPRIMA continues to convey a love for quality through each creation, keeping alive the passion and attention to detail since Izumi's childhood.

KEI TAKEMURA was born in 1975 in Tokyo.

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master's degree in Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts, she studied and then resided in Berlin.

She is currently based in Takasaki.

Takemura primarily presents installations that incorporate layers of embroidered white fabric onto photographs and drawings.

Kei Takemura's extraordinary talent is evident in her meticulous dedication to embroidery work, which breathes new life into these history-laden cards.

The final result is a harmonious fusion of tradition and contemporary art.

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