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Area Spring-Summer 2024.

Introducing area's spring summer 2024 collection, where eyes not only captivate but also symbolize the essence of viewership, unveiling a world of new perspectives shaped by the crucial role of our audience. a play between viewing and being viewed.

In this collection, take note of the importance of wardrobe where we explore the dynamics of essentials and the extraordinary, as our designs reconstruct the interconnection between eyes, fashion, and the observers who play an integral part in shaping the narrative.

Inspired by 1920s cartoon eyes, surrealist reflections on the eye as a portal between inner and outer worlds, and the vibrant graphics of 60's pop art, our designs transform eyes into dalmatian spots, blooming flowers, and delicate crystal eyelets. just as eyes observe, critique, and appreciate, our collection mirrors the evolving dynamics of viewership in the digital age. through these explorations, we reexamine area's codes quality craftsmanship, textile development, and innovative embellishment - presenting a modern interpretation of dressing for both the viewer and self. in the world of area, our designs become a canvas for the interplay between design and its observers, where beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder, but also in the shared experience between the artist and the audience.

Creative Directior: Piotrek Panszczyk

Stylist: Katie Burnett

casting: Daniel von der Graf & Andrea Prato

hair: Ryan Mitchell using Mr. Smith

Makeup: Kanako Takase using Addiction Tokyo

Manicure: Naomi Yasuda using Addiction Tokyo

Music Direction: Senjan Jansen featured music: 'first thing' by Sekucci

Production: Rreepplliiccaa

PR: Lucien Pages Communication 

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