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Arthur Arbesser presents TACT Screenat "House of Wittmann"on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2024.

"House of Wittmann" is the concept inaugurated by Wittmann during the Salone del Mobile 2024; a place where art, culture, design, and comfort blend masterfully, under the care of Arthur Arbesser, Creative Consultant, and Alice Wittmann, Head of Design.

Article by Marco Lorè

The design of the installation features clear references to Viennese tradition through the recurring square shape.

In addition to overseeing the creativity of the Wittmann booth at the Salone del Mobile 2024, Arthur Arbesser also showcased some of his own creations, including the TACT screen and two beautiful rugs from the FORME collection.

"This house elegantly combines the great classics of the Heritage collection with the newest and most modern creations.

Wittmann's uniqueness is enhanced by the perfect balance created between the aesthetics of timeless design and that of progressive perspective, along with the highest craftsmanship quality." - Arthur Arbesser.

TACT, with the unmistakable creative signature of Arthur Arbesser, conveys Wittmann's craftsmanship and impeccable functionality. TACT panels, framed by a black leather edge, can be upholstered with monochrome padding, leather, or a wide variety of textures. Thanks to the polyfoam and open-pore fleece coverings, TACT also functions as a mobile acoustic panel.

TACT crea forme, ombre e linee solenni e al contempo spensierate e intuitive.”

Arthur Arbesser

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