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Barbara Cardamone Jewelry for Martino Midali.

The emotion is the heart of the capsule collection of ethnically chic necklaces handmade by the designer for the brand in a renewed and precious collaboration.

Encapsulating emotion in a garment as in a jewel, to transform it into a story to share, is the secret of a special collaboration that renews itself for the second consecutive year. Martino Midali, indeed, has once again chosen to share with the creations of Barbara Cardamone Jewelry the essence of his aesthetic vision, where the emotional aspect merges with creativity to enhance femininity and passion, translating them into garments and the jewels that are the perfect complement to those garments.

Thus, a dual capsule collection of necklaces handmade by the designer has emerged, exploring the contamination between different cultures and territories, celebrating the idea of travel as artistic inspiration, and at the same time becoming the soul of true emotions to wear, a reflection of the collections signed by Martino Midali.

Starting with the first proposal of necklaces created under the sign of spring and its symbol, the flower, on whose structure in matte 23-carat gold, petals of different stones with a thousand shades "rest" - from quartz to crystal, from agate to angelina - to give life to a chromatic kaleidoscope of strong impact.

And not just on an aesthetic level.

Because the necklaces emphasize all the meanings underlying the beautiful season to open up to a romantic and intense exploration of the self. An encounter between East and West is what the second capsule achieves, in which a vintage leather thread welcomes three different choker designs, all united by the presence of different resin balls - in Italian antiqued brushed gold; with a bolt cut from Agadir; antiqued with an amphora cut and originating from New York -, pearls, and a resin ball cut "pear-shaped" in antiqued gold.

The character and authenticity guaranteed by the mounting of the necklaces are combined with artisanal workmanship and the material memory of jewelry that attracts and illuminates the timeless elegance of Martino Midali's creations.

Barbara Cardamone, an Italian designer of unique and original bijoux with an ethnically chic flavor, crafted with semi-precious materials and stones, was born in the Netherlands but raised in Sicily, where she learned the language of the vibrant hues of the sun tempered by the sweetness of the sea.

Through the search for a subtle harmony between clothing and bijoux, the designer has created jewelry collections that interpret the philosophy of Martino Midali. Creations that stem from her travels around the world and her contact with different cultures, 'emotions to wear', in full continuity with the approach of the great Lombard stylist. She also created the first jewelry capsule for the brand's 40th anniversary.

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