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Bata Red Label Presents The Capsule Collection "Floral Charm".

Peonies, freesias, and anemones interpret the exclusive floral motif of the collection created by the talented British designer Camilla Frances.

Peonies, freesias, and anemones are the pattern that expresses sweetness and sensuality and reflects the contemporary pursuit of a decorated nature, authenticity, and empowerment.

With the cry of "Born in Italy, Worn my way," Bata Red Label launches a new message of self-consciousness: an affirmation of identity, a vibrant ode to Italy, a lively tribute to the Made in Italy of the collection, where fashion, trends, and creativity meet Bata's excellence as a shoemaker.

"It was exciting when Bata contacted me to design a print for the new Bata Red Label collection.

Creating mood boards and researching nuances inspired by the Italian spring was a lot of fun.

My prints always stem from inspirations related to nature and travels: being outdoors, visiting gardens, and botanical gardens is at the core of my creative process.

For Bata, I wanted to create a bold and captivating design, yet romantic and feminine at the same time," stated designer Camilla Frances.

The Bata Red Label Floral Charm collection features 3 models, including a décolleté with an asymmetrical neckline and pastel-colored heel that echoes the nuances of the upper; a slingback ballerina with double ankle strap and cyclamen-colored heel; and finally, a court sneaker with a floral upper for a romantic and bucolic look.

Completing the look are must-have accessories, such as a small clutch, a backpack, and a coordinated wallet, all with an allover floral print and Bata Red Label monogram.

Thus continues the evolution of Bata Red Label, the collection with a glamorous, bold aesthetic, embodying Bata's light and joyful spirit, to be flaunted 24/7 to dress those who choose it with uniqueness.

An expression of oneself, an opportunity to embrace one's identity and manifest one's confidence.

The Floral Charm collection by Bata Red Label is available at selected stores and online at


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