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“British Chic Extravaganza”, Chiara Boni La Petite Robe F/W 2024-2025.

I think it has something to do with being British. We don’t take ourselves as seriously as other countries do. – Joan Collins.

Photo by Giorgio Marcias

“I had an actual Mary Poppins nanny traveling with me to London, the center of the world back in the days.

I got there dressed as a good girl from a good Italian family and within a week I completely fell head over heels in love with the Town.”

Photos by Giorgio Marcias

For the Fall/Winter 2024 collection, the designer Chiara Boni celebrates the bourgeois punk that reveals the most authentic British spirit of fashion.

Deeply funky but always elegant.

A suitcase filled with the best travel memories, made of unpublished pieces reinterpreted by her own Italian style.

Photos by Giorgio Marcias & Marco Lorè

Sophisticated yet a bit irreverent, the lineup shows tartan and plaid patterns, tinging the wardrobe with a timeless and cozy vibe.

Traditional sartorial motifs, such as herringbones and Prince of Wales, add a mannish attitude, creating a charming contrast with the feminine silhouettes, sometimes peppered with kilt-inspired details.

Photos by Marco Lorè

In keeping with the overall inspiration, the brand’s signature jersey is also printed with a motif perfectly mimicking flannel, while velvet puts the focus on seductive sophistication.

Photos by Marco Lorè

Evoking a stroll through the British countryside, the color palette is rich and seductive: it ranges from winter white, lavender blush, petal rose and chartreuse to intense tones of blueberry, mahogany, moss, teal and arctic blue.

Photos by Giorgio Marcias

The dress offering includes a wide range of styles, spanning from mini frocks to maxi dresses cut in flattering shapes.

Photos by Giorgio Marcias & Marco Lorè

The separates proposal is enriched not only with soft tailored suits, but also with bustier tops, elongated blazers and several pants showing different fits.

Photos by Giorgio Marcias & Marco Lorè

Draping enriches the fluid evening dresses, crafted from metallic fabrics in gold and silver shades.

Sequins and Lurex add extra sparkle to the collection, while maxi flowers blossoming on dresses celebrates the beauty of Britain’s impeccable gardens.

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