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"Celebrates Women" project, Victoria's Secret and Percassi support the IEO-MONZINO Foundation.

During Christmas, the city is painted pink: Victoria's Secret donates two Christmas trees to the city in two different areas of the center, Galleria del Corso and Piazza Berlinguer.

The first and historic flagship store of Victoria's Secret is the suggestive setting for the tree located in Galleria del Corso.

The fir tree, coming from a nursery in Val Sorda, is about 10 meters tall and is decorated at the base with gift packages in the colors of red, gold, and pink, shades that are also reflected in the decorations and LED lights adorning the tree.

The same colors characterize the 4-meter fir tree set up in Piazza Berlinguer, at the corner of Via Savona.

Christmas is a time of sharing and gifts, and Victoria's Secret's gift to women is the "Celebrates Women" project in collaboration with the IEO-MONZINO Foundation for breast cancer research.

From November 30th to December 3rd, Victoria's Secret donated a portion of the proceeds from the sales at the Galleria del Corso store to the Foundation.

During this time, a breast specialist from IEO was present in-store to answer all questions related to prevention.

On Wednesday, December 6th, at 6:30 pm, the Christmas tree lighting ceremony will take place at Galleria del Corso, with Matteo Morandi, CEO of Percassi Retail, and a representative from the IEO-MONZINO Foundation in attendance.

Victoria's Secret currently has 45 stores in Europe, including 26 in Italy and 6 in Milan, with the latest one opened on December 2nd in Corso Buenos Aires.

Matteo Morandi, CEO of Percassi Retail, stated, "We are very proud to contribute to spreading the Christmas spirit in Milan.

We have chosen Galleria del Corso and Piazza Berlinguer to honor the city.

With the lighting of the two Christmas trees, we are also shining a light on prevention. The 'Celebrates Women' project, in collaboration with the IEO-MONZINO Foundation, aims to raise awareness among women of all ages about the importance of breast cancer prevention and research.

Victoria's Secret supports the Foundation's activities, which are a valuable and essential resource to keep the focus on women's research alive.

This Christmas is all about solidarity and sharing"


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