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"Circularity" by Atsushi Nakashima.

The Japanese designer was inspired by the environmental issues for his A/W 2023-2024 new collection.

Photo by Marco Lorè

ATSUSHI NAKASHIMA has rebranded and launched the "Circularity" project with an emphasis on the environment.

The project involves the development of renewable materials, biodegradation and processing of fabrics to increase the recycling rate of used ones.

Photos by Marco Lorè

"Circularity" is therefore the new collection of the eclectic Japanese fashion designer and was presented both at Milan Fashion Week and in Tokyo.

These shows have been the first step of the brand’s project to raise environmental issues in the world.

Photos by Marco Lorè

"In the past 3 years, my health problems led me to become aware of environmental issues that could be the cause of them." Atsushi Nakashima says, "At the same time, I have started to think that creating my collection itself may expedite ecological destruction, such as the mass disposal of clothing.

I noticed that it is not just about other people’s problems."

Photos by Marco Lorè

"Through this project, I learned that my clothes could be renewable and that I could create high-design pieces with recycled materials from my past collections.

The “Circularity Project” collection could be a new experience to enjoy fashion for all the people who love fashion. "

Photos by Marco Lorè

"I hope that more people who meet our show get interested in circularity and taking a part in it.

Of course, it is hard to achieve that we recycle 100% of clothes now.

I’m trying to reduce pressure on the environment and running to the goal eventually."

Fashion designer Atsushi Nakashima with Montecarlo's Fashion

influencer Polina Erofeeva | Photo by Marco Lorè


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