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Cruciani presents the capsule collection made with organic yarns and completed with eco-sustainable treatments and washes.

The luxury leisurewear of the brand effectively returns as the protagonist of a proposal where the noble heritage, in dialogue with innovation and craftsmanship, merges with an evolving idea of lifestyle, and above all, one that is increasingly conscious.

Article by Marco Lorè

This is how Cruciani's singular masculine aspect is entirely focused on investigating an elegantly sporty concept, capable of flirting with the bon ton and, at the same time, scratching the surface of classic daily chic wardrobe staples, particularly sweaters and trousers.

It's a proposal designed around sophisticated and pure colors, perfect for everyday wear, featuring essential lines, whispered forms, all of which collectively reflect a respectful vision of the environment, a new cornerstone of the brand's philosophy. From a creative perspective, Cruciani pursues the creation of total looks where lightweight waterproof jackets are accompanied by deconstructed silk and linen jackets, to be paired with linen and cotton trousers and with casually elegant silk and cashmere polo shirts.

Refined craftsmanship, powerful creativity, and profound attention to detail are once again the hallmark of the proposal dedicated to a woman seduced by the impressionist universe inspired by Claude Monet's "Le Printemps," capable of ideally representing the awakening of nature in an immersive experience of colors and suggestions.

The Cruciani woman effortlessly wears oversized trench coats paired with airy muslin and luminous cashmere and silk sweaters, featuring delicate weaves and fringes, combined with soft, colorful linen trousers. The color palette is a hymn to spring and nature.

The Cruciani collection transcends simple aesthetic beauty to make it a comprehensive concept where artisan savoir-faire, always the brand's excellence, finds its perfect expression, and where ethical awareness becomes a new mainstream of the brand. This is how a first capsule collection came to life, consisting of two outfits for men and women, made with organic yarns – linen, silk, cotton, cashmere – and completed with eco-sustainable treatments and washes, serving as an ideal manifesto of the progressive sustainability journey undertaken by the entire company.

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