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D.A.T.E. has renewed its partnership with Empoli F.C., encapsulating it in the sneakers called Family&Friends.

The iconic Court model, presented with a new customization, takes center stage in the "second half" of the collaboration between the two entities from Empoli.

The shoes will be worn by football players and selected friends.

It is a story of values that, from the territory, become the guiding principles of a collaboration capable of expressing a shared vision built on the same roots, strong relationships, a shared and unique history that connects and unites.


Brotherhood is indeed the name of the project that brings together D.A.T.E. and the Empoli F.C., an Italian “Serie A” football team, through a shoe that serves as a powerful symbol of their deeply emotional partnership.

The sneakers, named Family&Friends, have been specifically created by the brand for the players and selected "friends", reinterpreting its iconic Court model in white leather with a perforated toe.

For this occasion, the shoe has taken on a more youthful and on-trend look, choosing white and blue to reinterpret the identity of the football team and bring it into dialogue with D.A.T.E.'s DNA.

Completing the athlete's look are the branded cap and scarf, adding the final touch.

"Brotherhood once again renews our shared commitment to support each other in a collaboration that goes beyond fashion.

Because the values we uphold, encapsulated in the word brotherhood, have the power to generate positive social impact that transcends sports and becomes a way of life," said Francesco Bozzi, Brand Manager of D.A.T.E.

A small part of the collection will be available for sale on D.A.T.E.'s website starting from December 28th, a deliberate choice that allows us to end the year with a spirit of sharing and, of course, brotherhood.

D.A.T.E., founded in 2005 and named after its four founders - Damiano, Alessandro, Tommaso, Emiliano - is a sneaker brand created with passion and meticulously crafted in every detail.

These sneakers encapsulate a story of authenticity, dynamism, and contemporary style. The brand's continuous pursuit of perfection in design, materials, and functionality has given rise to iconic collections that stay true to trends while remaining committed to sustainability and the values inherent in the Tuscan production district, the heart of Italian footwear excellence.

With a turnover of 20 million euros, D.A.T.E. boasts a widespread distribution network of over 950 multi-brand stores worldwide, along with two flagship stores (Milan, Florence), which serve as the ideal hub for the brand's progressive expansion.

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