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Dazzling And Precious, Marco Bicego’s Alta High Jewelry Collections Returns To Geneva.

On the occasion of Haute Jewels Geneva 2024, the international high jewelry exhibition taking place at the Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva fromApril 8 to 15, 2024, Marco Bicego is pleased to present a preview of its latest ALTA creations, the high jewelry line first launched three years ago.

In this collection, the brand shares its unique vision of the craft, marked by enchanting sources of inspiration and virtuoso know‐how.

The result is a new chapter full of light, volume and juicy colors inspired by the natural world.

In the new high jewelry release, Marco Bicego imagines nature as a bold, generous presence, mirrored and highlighted by 35 exceptional pieces, crafted from start to finish in the brand’s atelier in Trissino, Italy.

An unparalleled heritage of time‐honored craftsmanship and creative skills that guarantee the excellence that goes into crafting these products, enhancing the final result in an unique way: the intrinsic beauty of each jewel.

As always,one hundred percent of the diamonds used in Marco Bicego’s jewelry collections are Kimberley Process‐certified, which guarantees a ‘zero conflict’ provenance, and the gems traceable.

The same goes for the gold.

«ALTA is a special collection, which celebrates the magnificence of natural gemstones and the incredible craftsmanship of our artisans working from our atelierin Trissino, Italy, » declares Marco Bicego, founder and creative director ofthe eponymous brand. «It was presented for the first time in 2022 at Haute Jewels Geneva, enjoying a great success within press and consumers since its debut,which makes us particularly proud. We had to envision creations that embodied the brand’s style, that highlighted its expertise, such as the burin engraving and the exclusive coil technique, while also enhancing natural gemstones and diamonds.

Each meticulously selected stone is chosen for its exceptional quality and the emotion it carries: the colored gems, picked in a painstaking selection process from a range of premium natural materials, combine to create a story made of gold and craftsmanship,design and research, from which exclusive, unique and unrepeatable jewelry creation stake shape.»


Masai is one of the brand’s most successful collections, renowned for its exclusive coil technique and essential design.

This edition of Haute Jewels presents exclusive suites made up of alternating rows of diamonds and yellow gold flat coil strands, sometimes accentuated by blue tanzanite, aquamarine, and pink or green tourmaline that bring an incomparable touch of color.

Classic styles,revisited inamodernkey tocreate strikingly contemporary designs in full MarcoBicego style.


The iconic Africa collection is revisited in an even more fascinating version in which diamonds are the absolute protagonists.

The rose‐cut diamonds have been carved exclusively for this set of short necklace, ring and earrings to bring out their extraordinary beauty, intense clarity and wonderful purity.

In a different version, spindle‐shaped brilliant‐cut pavé diamonds enhance lariat,short or long necklaces, statement chandelier earrings, and rings.

Petali Alta

A sense of renewal blossoms in these pieces, whose diamond combinations and three‐ dimensional designs reflect the brand’s unique savoir‐faire.

Together, these unique High Jewelry creations capture the beauty of nature, with diamonds and mother‐of‐pearl to resemble organic floral detailing.

Murano Alta

With architectural inspiration, Marco Bicego uses gemstones with clearly defined edges to convey a feeling of power and invincibility.

Yellow, lemon citrine, rutilated and champagne quartz, blue and London topaz, and amethyst are the gems featured in this extraordinary cocktail ring capsule.

Carefully selected for color intensity, nuances or particular inclusions, gemstones are first enhanced by an emerald cut and then, following the brand’s artisanal tradition, embraced by an 18‐karat yellow gold setting and stem, finely hand‐engraved using the ancient Florentine burin technique.

A modern take on the classic cocktail ring for unique high jewelry creations, with a clean, geometric andvery contemporary design.

Lunaria Alta

The Lunaria Alta collection is rendered even more precious for this edition of Haute Jewels by an extremely elegant pavé of pink sapphiresin warm and vibrant tones. Different shades of pink rose, combined with the more decisive nuances of amethyst and variations of brown diamonds are skill fully mixed together for a refined and incredibly exclusive effect.

A magnificent firework of colors for a stunning twist on an iconic design of the brand.

About Marco Bicego

Drawing on an ancien ttradition rooted in the territory where Italian jewellery was born, Marco Bicego has developed a unique and unmistakable style: the elegance of a refined yet unconventional form of luxury that accompanies women in their daily lives.

A true icon of Italian craftsmanship, his creations are inspired by the organic forms of nature, by the beauty of 18kt yellow gold and by precious colourful gemstones. Blending traditional craftsmanship with modern creativity, Marco Bicego has cultivated a singular stylistic identity.

Reflecting organic, nature‐inspired shapes and textures, Marco Bicego crafts innovative jewels and objets d’art with a rich textural quality, employing its signature engraving and coil techniques in precious 18kt gold set with dazzling gemstones for an extraordinary effect.

Marco Bicego is distributed in more than50 countries worldwide.

In addition to the Italian flagship stores inVenice and Verona, and the boutiques in Paris, Baden‐Baden, Budapest, Athens, Mykonos, Crete, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and Beijing, Marco Bicego jewels can be found in the most prestigious multi‐brand and department stores in the world.

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