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Earth Day 2024: Docksteps, together with Legambiente, is involved in the redevelopment of the "Martin Luther" Park in Bergamo.

On April 22nd, on the occasion of Earth Day, Docksteps donates its sneakers to the Italian environmental association, thus supporting the volunteers who will team up for the redevelopment of the green area known as Trucca, in Bergamo.

Article by Marco Lorè

Docksteps, an Italian footwear brand, is committed to supporting Legambiente volunteers during Earth Day 2024, an international day that celebrates the necessity of conserving the Earth's natural resources.

In this context, Docksteps has chosen to contribute by providing specially selected footwear for the volunteers participating in the event.

The main objective of this initiative is the protection and conservation of the environment, particularly through assistance in maintaining the "Martin Luther" Park in Bergamo.

This green area, also known as Trucca, represents an important green lung within the city.

During the day, the volunteers will dedicate themselves to various maintenance activities within the park, including caring for tables, benches, and fences.

This concrete commitment aims to preserve and improve the quality of a natural space of great value to the local community.

Docksteps is proud to collaborate with Legambiente to promote environmental awareness and support concrete actions for the protection of the territory and biodiversity.


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