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FontanaArte Meets Baldinini in Lightworks.Inside an authentic Italian journey.

During Milan Design Week 24, the Via Della Spiga boutique hosted Bilia, the iconic lamp from the reigning company of decorative lighting.

Baldinini and FontanaArte presented their special collaboration during Design Week 2024.

The storefronts of the Baldinini boutique at Via Della Spiga 26 served as the backdrop to showcase a selection of Bilia lamps in mini and medium versions.

The spheres of Bilia, seemingly in impossible balance, rest on cones that serve as their base.

The juxtaposition of two elementary geometric shapes gives rise to an original object with perfect proportions.

A simple composition enriched by the extraordinary balance of proportions and the discreet elegance of non-reflective materials.

Baldinini thus decided to celebrate its value of Italian Excellence by hosting one of the luminous artworks born from the genius of Gio Ponti, one of the greatest architects and designers of the 20th century.

The perfect embodiment of refined aesthetics and craftsmanship, Bilia illuminated the Baldinini collection, uniting two historical realities of design and fashion and emphasizing the intrinsic value of Italian craftsmanship and beautiful design.

Baldinini, with almost 115 years of activity, is a high-end brand born in 1910 in San Mauro Pascoli, a district in Romagna with a strong manufacturing vocation, and still strongly tied to the territory.

Baldinini footwear and creations express a refined craftsmanship of absolute quality and shoemaking expertise closely intertwined with the history of fashion and the international successes of the entire Made in Italy.

Since the 1970s, thanks to the innovative vision of Gimmi Baldinini, the current president, the brand has been among the first to experience a flourishing period marked by great internationalization.

Today, Baldinini boasts a widespread network of 50 flagship stores in Russia and over 200 boutiques and top multibrand stores in 50 countries.

FontanaArte, founded by Gio Ponti and Pietro Chiesa, is considered the queen of decorative lighting worldwide.

The company was born in 1932 from the need to make available to the imagination and inventiveness of new generations of architects, artists, and decorators the material and plastic properties of glass, at a time when, especially in Milan, industrial production was recognized among the "infinite possibilities of artistic expression".

The new strategy is committed to reimagining the charm of FontanaArte in dialogue with the Masters and the tradition of beautiful Italian design, anticipating new aesthetic codes.

Even today, in the 21st century, the Art that Ponti himself wanted to add in the company's name remains the key to an identity capable of existing beyond every single mass-produced product.

The timeless spirit, balanced between art and industry, is the same that inspires FontanaArte's contemporary production, suspended between clarity and durability.


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