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"Freedom is ours", Tanaka Fall/Winter 2024-2025.

Even still there are many people whose freedom is unreasonably limited under different circumstances, Tanaka driving forces for this collection were outrage and anger towards this fact.

Photo by Ko Tsuchiya

For TANAKA, denim is a symbol of freedom.

As long as love exists, freedom is ours and everyone else’s.

We’d love this to be a chance to once again raise our voices and state this.

Denim Couture, Denim Art.

TANAKA will always pursue the endless possibility of Denim.

Iridescent colored flocky printed denim, studded denim inspired by images of flowers and eagles, fringe skirts decorated with leather and crystals, leather-like coating denim. Imagining vast mountains and greenery, we applied crystals and stencil work on each garment.

Denim dresses and tops that have uniquely shaped ruffles and shirring are like soft carvings, born from conversations based on the concept of "A PIECE OF CLOTH".

"LESS IS INFINITY", seeing endless possibilities in the minuscule, "ONE WORLD", an indivisible world filled with prayers for peace.

Photos by Ko Tsuchiya

Clothing that connects the past and the next hundred years.

Vintage scarves are sewn together to make silk aprons.

We continued our art quilt project with the NY-based artist duo FAILE by using leftover fabric from the last season, maintaining the color scheme.

It’s one of our creations that spins together clothing and art.

Photos by Ko Tsuchiya

Also, the dress that appeared at the end of the show is one of TANAKA new challenges to elevate denim into art.

The Brand salvaged old vintage denim pants, disassembled them into pieces, and rearranged them together into new patterns, as if to make new denim pants out of one fabric.

Imagining denim that was discovered in a piece of an iceberg, Tanaka put it together with a glassy organza, giving it a new soul, adding a couture-like flower motif shaped with ruffles on the Western shirt using the same fabric.

Photos by Ko Tsuchiya

Denim is a symbol of freedom.

The world is one.



Creative Direction : Sayori Tanaka / Akira Kuboshita

Show Direction : Yoshio Wakatsuki

Show Production : DRUMCAN INC.

Show Music : Mao Sone, Kan

Styling : Youhei Usami

Hair : Hayate Maeda

Make up : Mio Iguchi

Collaboration Artist: FAILE

Show Photo : Ko Tsuchiya

Backstage Photo : Ryusei Asahi


Show Press : Steady Study

Special Thanks : Yamasawa Press


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