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“In the mood for… Africa”, new Chiara Boni La Petite Robe SS24 collection.

“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” (Q. John Hemingway)

Drusilla Foer has opened the CHIARA BONI La Petite Robe show with a performance dedicating Charlie Chaplin’s Smile to the Florentine fashion designer.

The bold colors and enchanted vibes of an adventurous African trip echo through the Spring/Summer 2024 collection of Chiara Boni La Petite Robe, that, after several seasons in New York, returns to show in Milan.

The brand’s globetrotting and super chic women return from a travel into the wildest nature with an uplifting mood that reflects into their elegant and joyful wardrobe. Embracing comfort without renouncing ultimate sophistication, they wear flattering dresses and separates designed to enhance the feminine figure with refinement.

Treasuring their unforgettable travel memories, they opt for an eye-catching color palette, including saturated shades of golden green, ink, orange juice and topaz yellow, that find a perfect balance with timeless hues of night blue and black.

Maxi zebra patterns, graphic interpretations of the traditional tie-dye motifs, as well as jaguar spots add an exotic vibe to the collection, inviting to deep dive into a carefree holiday mood.

Draping takes center stage in the collection for a hyper feminine and sensual touch. New jersey fabrics are introduced to guarantee dynamic movement to the pieces.

Super soft and slightly compressive, or ultra lightweight with a silky finishing reflecting light, Chiara Boni’s stretchy materials help exalting the curves while assuring an elegant look.

There are dresses showing liquid finishings - the ultimate outfit of chic goddesses emerging from clear waters.

Stretch satin is used for chic draped dresses cut in different lengths.

Taffeta is mixed with the iconic jersey for dramatic gowns revealing maxi sleeves and scenic cape details.

If relaxed pajama-inspired separates showing a mix & match of prints exude a breezy vibe, a miniskirt os matched with a fitted blazer with sartorial shoulders for a cool urban style.

In keeping with the brand’s feminine and glamorous spirit, cascades of sequins and mirror decorations add the right dose of sparkle.

Gold leather platforms make the silhouette slender and elongated.

Completing the collection, BAD AT MATH mini bags are crafted from maxi beads recreating the lineup’s colorful prints and oversized beaded hoops exalt the collection’s playful mood.

Prominent among the models were TONI GARRN, who opened the show, and ANNE V at the close.

Styling for the show was handled by Simone Guidarelli.

The music for the show, composed and produced as original soundtrack by Thomas Costantin, (Thomas Co-stantin Studio - Milan), is a journey from faraway Africa into the New York subway.

Afro rhythms meet urban and electronic sounds, women's voices become metallic noises that guide us from start to finish to discover how the city today has a thousand different facets, dreamy pianos and courtly choruses in the mornings with savannah sunrise intersect with dark percussion and industrial sounds.

BAD AT MATH (@badatmath_official) custom-made Bags, Earrings, Chokers and Necklace.

BAD AT MATH for the fashion show focuses on the colors and patterns of the CHIARA BONI collection.

Hence a Tribal and Pop reinterpretation with applications of Glass Crystals.

All accessories were made entirely by hand with 12mm diamond acrylic beads.

Creasens Group Fragrances by Creasens Group, an international Fragrance House since the 2000s, creates and accompanies Chiara Boni's fashion show with a refined yet modern fragrance with bright citrusy floral notes, where it manifests its creative drive thus creating a synaesthetic relationship between notes and colors.

Lead fashion show make-up Markus Theisen for Green Apple Italia.

Fashion show hairstyles Adalberto Vanoni for the agency Aldo Coppola is considered by many professionals to be the most prestigious Italian brand in the hairstyling industry.

Renowned for its strong ties to the fashion world and ability to dictate new trends, the brand certainly stands out for its Italian style in the world.

Many guest stars took part in Chiara Boni's spectacular fashion show: Drusilla Foer, Natasha Stefanenko, Nancy Brilli, Elena Guarnieri, Melita Toniolo, Virginia Varinelli, Judith Bradl, Carlotta Bertotti, Katia Noventa, Ludovica Olgiati, Emanuela Folliero, Veronica Ferraro, Alessandra Grillo, Valentina Micchetti, Sara Pagliaroli, Costanza Caracciolo, Clarissa Marchese, Ginevra Mavilla, Helen Nonini, Giulia Accardi, Nilufar Addati, Eleonora incardona, Virginia Stablum, Alice Sabatini, Federica Messaggeri, Aliia Roza, Ginevra Salustri, Sveva Fischetti, Ramalila, Jori Delli, Sophie Codegoni.

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